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  1. I was on low, low carb from 1/1/2000 and was diagnosed w/ a fatty liver in fall/2005 and 2006. I usually didn't make it to 25 grams of carbs in a day, so I don't know if that study is correct for everyone, but still interesting.
  2. If it's my skin cream, I'm buying a ticket to China to kick some non-Cushings' ass! I almost thought it was a joke at first, but I know Mary wouldn't do that. I read it 3 times. Since this stuff happened last year, it's changed my buying; I live is SF and there are a lot of Asian markets and there's a huge one down the street. No more soy sauce, no more green horseradish (can't remember the name), no more potstickers. I don't even buy garlic there. It's San Francisco, I just walk two more blocks and buy it from the Greek market!!! I love SF!
  3. I think it's doctors trying to get around the fact they have no idea why we get strange symptoms and they're unable to explain any of it. How can you explain the weird symptoms that are relieved after surgery - I had a couple of doozies. Post-BLA, I didn't have to urinate every 20 minutes for the first time in 15 years. The hair grew back on my head. It takes us years to convince them that something's wrong; they're sure not sympathetic to the horrible things we have to live with for years - easier to say we're crazy. Wait until everyone and their mother starts getting steroids cushings - we'll be hailed as pioners and we'll be able to write books with everything we've learned!
  4. I'd love to get a couple - they're a hoot! Kelly
  5. Thank you so much - I've been trying to figure out what was going on for months and thought it was some kind of weird depression. Apathy's much, much closer. Thanks much! Kelly
  6. Gina, That's a beautiful post and idea that you shared - thanks so much! If we know we have a place to go and it's ok to talk, it might help at least one person. There are so many parts of the disease that outsiders don't understand that can push a patient to the brink: the horrible physical changes, the pain, the never-ending tests, the idiot doctors, family and friends not understanding. It's a horrible thing. Kelly
  7. Thanks Mary - that was an inspirational article! (I dribbled part of my Big Mac on it when I printed it out, but it was good!)
  8. Wow! That was a fantastic article - thank you for posting it! Kelly
  9. The Everything Health Guide to Thyroid Disease: Professional Advice on Getting the Right Diagnosis, Managing Your Symptoms, And Feeling Great (Everything: Health and Fitness) by Theodore C., M.D., Ph.D. F. and Winnie Yu (Paperback - Dec 2006) Whoo - hoo! Just found it on Amazon and think I'll order it - will also check and see if I'm in it Kelly
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