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  1. I've been growing tumeric. It grows like ginger. You can take it in supplement form, too. I'm not a big fan of eating curry often, but will take supplements. however, I'm not now for the same reason, door. I want accurate testing. Tumeric really is proving to be a superfood. Love more research is being done on such things.
  2. http://foundationcenter.org/getstarted/training/online/ I found this site a while ago and thought it might have useful info for those working so hard on cushings awareness.
  3. I would like to see someone come up with an at home journal/workbook where it makes it much easier for people to chart their symptoms and lab results. I'm sort of already working on it. It will help people get to a diagnosis faster, make it less overwhelming to collect data for the patient, and hepofully be displayed in such a way that drs would be less able to ignore patients. It would also serve as a way to collect more statistical data that could be used in addition to the trails and research going on. I'm analytical, when I'm thinking clear. I'm also a recording engineer and have worked in tv/movies and as a dj. Id love to see more videos and documentaries be made and would be more then happy to help, even if it turns out I do not have cushings. Even if I don't, my sis did have Conn's. Local artists could do fundrasing events. These are things I could help with when I'm well enough. Unfortunately, right now I'm unable to work because each day is so hit or miss. But on my good days I'm working on the above things. I'm just not making quick progress.
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