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  1. It's me. Adrienne. I see it's been almost two years since I've posted in here. AMAZING. Wow. How time flies when you're on Methadone and Hydromorphone!!! No really. I am working again on trying to come back to the online world. I am so lonely without it. It's great to have hooked up with Paula again. I hope we can get to know each other better through emails: I miss having a fellow Cushing's survivor to talk to, and I really miss having ANYONE to talk to. And the people I've met here arent just ANYONE they're extra special super duper wonderful peeps. Yeah. I do indeed want to write. M
  2. Wow these boards look different and spiffy-- every time I come around sth is diff lol. All good! It's been what August since your nephrectomy MaryO? It took me a year until the pain was enough to get through the day without pain pills [not much as i was SO YOUNG] and it reallllly hurt. I dont know if you had the lap or the 9 inch scar-- I had to 9 incher and all those muscles cut through. Either way they treat it like its sooo easy to recover from and indeed it isnt. I had the right kidney and adrenal removed, and immediately the left kidney which was fine hurt. A lot. Had me in the E
  3. Hi MaryO, everyone. To share good news I am finally getting a recliner and a laptop. I hope to keep my swelling down that restricts my internet usage so so much. So I can help. I am totally housebound and just now giving up my apartment to live with my mom. i was alone for 1 1/2 years and that's about all I can take. I am having adrenal crises just from havign teeth [cushings! grr] pulled and have gained 60 lbs in water. I have a good doctor after firing my last one and Dr. Ludlam is my excellent endo on call. I am lucky but doing worse than ever for tapering. Point is i cant go out attend m
  4. This question always gets me too. And the answer is always changing depending on the resource. You know, the new Patricia Cornwell books talks about pit tumors. Its obvious, my mom and sister say [as I have yet to read it] that theyre speaking of csuhings. But never ONCE is that word used. I find that a lot. The news sources speak of cushings as the underlying condition, without ever NAMING it cushings. Annoying!
  5. My mom just bought some stamps. Theyre cool!
  6. Me too Diane. HUGS I write too. Man do I write. You're not alone. I know it feels like it but you're not.
  7. Okay I too should have my flag and such up. I love these ideas whoot! LOVE to have symbols of the MAIN cushings illness or suspected one. Could be as simple as a box color coded with a big "S" for steroids etc. Cool.
  8. Adrienne

    down a few spoons

    I understand Lorrie. I do. I want a maid waaaahhhh
  9. Adrienne

    battle with depression

    Aww sorry to hear you're hurting Lorrie HUGS You have to wean off anti-depressants. When I tried to stop cold turkey from my Lexapro I was psychotic THEN I found out that like steroids, you HAVE to wean. It isn't widely known. But it's all over the reasearch now. So be careful! Also had reactions to Paxil weaning and erm others
  10. Adrienne


    That's so awesome Lorrie! Good for you. I wish I had someone to talk to when I went through my nephrectomy as I was only 17 and scared. Something I really ought to do is contact my local hospital and offer that service. Good ideas and nice to see you blogging!
  11. Adrienne

    Walking wounded

    Feel better MaryO. I have had a lot of eye infections over the past three years: everything from pink eye to who knows what. Whatever you do, no contacts my dear. Warm, wet washcloths it sounds elementary but they really help. I feel for you HUG
  12. I love replying to myself. Anyways, hope you gals come over here cause I wanted to talk more about our cats. I just didnt want people not to post who may not like cats, or who may be going through a different stage of grief. In response to quotes below: Thank you so much. This is helping me to talk about. She's never far from my mind. Course I haver her pics everywhere lol. I wanted to give you a link if you havent already bought or made a place for his ashes that is? Let me know. Im VERY happy with what I have for Shells. It has an angel cat on top and everything. I have a blog e
  13. Adrienne

    Battling the headaches

    HUGS to you both. They should at least try Maxalt or Imitrex ya never know
  14. Adrienne

    Survey Says

    Yeah MaryO it would be good maybe the lighten up board or misc or erm somewheres.
  15. Adrienne

    Survey Says

    Nor was i notified they were here at all. I had to go and approve them all. That's new didnt used to be that way! WAAAHHHHH
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