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  1. Hi Sallyc .. I am 30 minutes from Ottawa . are you diagnosed .. I am still trying to get used to the site . I need help .. I need to connect with someone ..

  2. Rene, You came through in spades, awesome articles, short, sweet and exactly what I needed. Thanks so much! Sally
  3. Thanks everyone! I apologize for the quick note and the assumption that people knew my history! Here is the short version of what's going on. I had Cushing's before and had surgery in Los Angeles in 2003. I live in Canada, so I paid for the surgery myself, and then appealed against my government run healthcare system to recover the costs. I did not expect to win, but I was so sick that I felt I didn't have a choice in the matter. I ended up winning my appeal (YAY!) and had my costs reimbursed. Fast forward 5.5 years and I've finally been re-diagnosed with a recurrence. I fully expect to have surgery here in Canada, but I am refused treatment here, again. I ended up going to the States again, having a BLA and am now in the process of appealling again. I have a ton of very good backup and arguments, but thought I would do well sealing the deal with my pathology showing my adrenals were 2x normal and backing it up with documented evidence that this is often seen in people who have been dealing with Cushing's. There's not a ton out there, but I will now check out all of these links. Thank you so much, it will be a long time before I hear anything, but you all will be some of the first to know how it goes. Hugs, Sally
  4. Hi Guys, I'm up to my eyeballs on my appeal document which is almost ready to go. One thing I thought I'd throw it to the mix is the fact that my adrenals were twice the normal size. I know others have had large adrenals, and I know that not all Cushies have enlarged adrenals, but I can't find any real hard evidence. I found one study that showed that 70% were enlarged through a CT scan, but nothing about pathology. Any help would be terrific. Thanks & I promise to get to my PMs soon, I'm crazy busy. Sally
  5. I was going to post *bump* but didn't think my wisecracking would go over well! Thanks again for the reminder. It is hard sometimes when we're all feeling so cruddy to not take things personally, and get upset. We've got a great group here.
  6. It sounds like she was told a bunch of stuff that she didn't question. Most people hear things healthwise and don't dig any further. She also kept mentioning a massive tumour, which can't be right. Who knows. She didn't have access to anything like these boards and I'm sure she'd find it interesting now. I hope she'd agree to do an interview, though!
  7. Hey, imagine, we've finally found a Cushing's test that you don't have to wait forever for results! Sally
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