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  1. MCF- You kill me! That was hilarious Leanna- According to my kids carp is a cuss word...but I think they listened to my mom too much who thought butt was a cuss word too... :-) They finally quit chewing me out for saying it when I explained over and over it wasn't considered a cuss word. They about had a cow when Ash use to call batman, batdam ...teeheehee Thanks Ami, your a good reminderer :-)
  2. why would someone with a BLA, no dhea replacements, and low testosterone get a 5 oclock shadow everyday?
  3. Frank Drackman is a nut case It is scary that he is touching anybody in any way shape or form. I'm now wondering how many *so called* doctors have had that attitude when they saw me. I read a small peice of his blog until I was grossed out. Lets just say I sure hope none of that happened when I was intubated when I was AWAKE!
  4. You crack me up. I really appreciate that right now.


  5. I have especially been thinking (sometimes a lot) about suicide after the last surgery. I have of course had my days of being depressed to the point of being sick, but never as bad as this. I am depressed about the last years of my life wasted, my body, my hair, my face...you name it, and then I'm depressed for thinking that way. I think one thing that makes me so depressed is the pain now. The pain is uncontrollable and I hate living like this. I know my hormones are messed up and until they are straightened out I will not get back to myself. Nick, Funny you should mention the way people look on the street and comments others can make about them, because that was one of the worst things when this all started for me to deal with. I was always a petite person... the only one that could do the splits, cartwheels etc, the grand champion of the grade school at jump-roping (quit laughing :-) life was good and so was my body. Then after 30 + years of being that way I suddenly gain 100+ pounds and I got lost, drown if you will somewhere down inside of it. I started getting the snorting teenagers, the looks, the comments because I couldn't hold my last baby, the comments from family that I needed to walk every night. Really? I never thought of that. I was rather enjoying the blubber, thanks. All when just before I went to the gym 3-4 days a week for 1 1/2-2 hours of aroebics and weights. It's not like I asked for this. I have been fortunate not to have to test long or go through some of the trouble that some of you have with doctors not believing or listening yet I've still been so depressed that I thought daily of the easiest way to get out of hell. Not many times have I brought up my depression with people, with the exception of a few times in my blog and a couple of close friends. I don't tell Robert anything anymore after screaming at him "you have no idea how it feels to want to die every f-ing day of your life, and knowing you can't because of your children" That is honestly the 1 and only thing that has kept me here. I know it probably scared him but he says nothing, not one damn thing about it. At least a simple "I'm sorry you are feeling that way to aknowledge it would help. I feel like the comedians that attempt or succeed in suicide that everyone says "they had to have been happy as funny as they were"....not saying that I'm funny, just that people hide it well and cover their real feelings for others when they are dying inside. All I know is that I feel like I'm being punished for something but I have no idea what or when the nightmare will end.
  6. Well now see that was my whole problem right there! If the neuro surgeon would have been digging in my belly for that dumb pituitary I wouldn't have had to have the adrenal surgeon miss his mark when he should have been digging in my brain! No wonder it didn't work!
  7. Christy Smith

    blog blog blog

    Well now that's weird....it posted twice sorry bout that
  8. Christy Smith

    blog blog blog

    Hey what about me??? I'm still blogging I didn't abandon you guys!
  9. I'm sorry you are in so much pain. I can sympathize with you right now. That steroid shot they gave me did nothing but give me an awful headache and now that I took the prednisone...guess what here it comes again.
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    my comments never showed up...hmmm
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    you better believe I'm a swiper...no it was sent to me in email so I just put it on the blog instead of emailing it to everyone. Yes I think it would be really fun to do something similar ....ohhhhh wait a minute I have another I need to go find tonight on a homeschooling site....I'll put it on my blog for swiping!
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    Well in Robert's case since he is capricorn too...I would say the other half is Jackass, but actually about 3/4 of the time he is a whole complete one ....ummm sooo I dunno
  13. *snicker* I understand sorry bout asking
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    I love me a copycat!!!
  15. Mary can I change my vote to skyscape? I just now figured out what it was and how to change it..sorry
  16. I only have one comment Adrianne and that's KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! I love it!
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    I Wish...

    Mary It's really good to see you blogging. I'm really sorry you are so tired. I wish the docs could figure out why and do more to help you. I'm sorry, but I thought you last comment about the surgically implanting a spine was hilarious! Just cracked me up Please keep writing. I, for one, like to see what's up with Mary....and don't ever worry about writing about being tired....if that's what you feel then write it down!!! Hopefully one day we will read that you are feeling better and not so tired! PS Thank you so much for starting the blogs ...This has just done wonders for me!!! I always wanted, and really needed to keep track of what was going on in my life healthwise and other, and now that I've started I'm not having any trouble keeping it going! I am really enjoying reading other's and getting to know them where I probably wouldn't have without the blogs! You are such a sweetie for doing all this for us. What would we do without you?
  18. Christy Smith


    Glad you decided to start your blog. Make me not so lonely!
  19. Hi Lisa Sorry you are having such a hard time. I don't know what all meds you are taking but a friend of mine is on several antidepressant, anxiety meds and they cause alot of symptoms since she started them...after having her doc check for diabetes & cushings that all tests were normal she decided to try to wean off all of the junk she's on. She takes alot more than just antidepressants. She was in the army and every ache pain or complaint she has the veteran docs just give her yet another pill to add to it. She has something like 15 different pills she takes and quite a few that are narcotics that they just keep refilling for her...it's no wonder she's a mess. Are you taking something for the Diabetes? I am always quite surprised at how many of the symptoms we have are also that of Diabetes. Bruising, infections,malaise (sp) that overall feeling sick thing, nausea, headaches, kidney/bladder problems, liver problems...I could go on. The night sweats and excessive sweating could be a hormonal thing or also could be a med or herbal type thing you are on. I don't sweat unless I take my xtreme lean stuff...I don't know if it's the ephedra or one of those other herbs in it but something makes me sweat like a pig. Maybe you can see if one of them is causing it. Sorry wish I could help you out more, maybe Dr F can help you get straightened out, and feeling better! Keep bloggin and letting us know how it goes k?
  20. You did it Karen! Isn't this fun? Type your little heart out girl!
  21. I finally saw it for the first time the other night...it's really stupid and I knew immediately what it was after seeing the talk about it. Unfortunately it's still being played. Even if it wasn't insulting , it has to be one of the dumbest commercials I've seen anyway
  22. Wow Thanks Again! I need to hit the health food store....Getting off the welchol and the rest of the 10 drugs would be nice! Well I guess I'm stuck with 2 of them, but that's ok I can deal with them...especially since they are the only 2 cheap ones. Everything else is highest copay!....stinks! If I'm gonna spend hundreds a month I would rather it be natural. I have a RX for phenergan which works wonders on me but I just don't want to take it everyday, and as long as I don't eat anything besides oranges or a can of green beans or smoothies I feel pretty good. I love my smoothies so that protien powder sounds good. My mom uses Shaklee and I used to use their protien powder...hadn't thought of it now though. My smoothies are juice and frozen fruit because milk products make me sick again now.I cut my cortef down again to 10/5 but it's not that because I felt like this since April I think it has something to do with this stupid liver. I see the doc in a week for it so maybe it will get fixed. WITHOUT MORE DRUGS!!! At least cutting the Cortef has I think helped me start loosing weight. Just how low can you go? The aches and pains are starting to get pretty bad so I think I'll stay here for awhile but I can deal with everything else. Just not used to freezing all the time now. I even bought socks!!! I got a fleece jacket for christmas and I wear it!!!
  23. Thanks Jeanne!!! I didn't realize that but will definately try them. I haven't eaten much lately and definately not much more than a couple of bite of "regular food" because it never fails to make me so sick to my stomach. Think I'll try a little oatmeal a few bites at a time, since the sound of fish makes my stomach turn right now. Ask me again in a few weeks and it will probably be a favorite.
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