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  1. If you're looking for phrases I think we could come up with some good ones. Off the top of my head I can think of: Tenacity Knowledge is Power Support Friendship Survivor I'm sure there are more creative people than me. I'm lame at this stuff.
  2. I don't have any hard and fast answers, but my gut says that you'd probably have to tought it out - kinda like hubs is doing now. I'd think that it would be a bad idea to replace with steroids, which could cause permanent AI. I think this is what they call being between a rock and hard place
  3. Char, sometimes things happen that are just a pure and simple blessing. Your finding this article is one. My husband has been having severe problems for about a month. He's had blood tests out the wazoo, and since his doctor is my doctor, the doc thinks there's no way he could have Addison's and says that I'm paranoid (which I sorta am). But every time hubby describes his problems, how he feels, I tell him that's how I am every day and I can totally relate. Anyway, he is seeing a rheumy tomorrow. He also has some skin problems (dermoid lupus, rosacea) and has been using a rx 2.5% hydr
  4. I doubt there's a lawsuit - the basic tenant behind any lawsuit is 'have you been harmed? If so, what are your damages?' We have no damages, even though the commercial ticks us off, it hasn't really hurt us, other than wounding our pride.
  5. Mary, I love each and every one of those ideas. Almost all are totally doable by even those of us who are sick. I will step up my helping as of now.
  6. Ha! They'd probably dx him with Syndrome X. I'd love a copy too, please - shaunanelson@gmail.com
  7. I got my shot a few weeks ago. If the pharmacy doesn't know what Cushing's is (or the person giving the shot) just say that you're on long term high dose steroids - close enough, in my book.
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