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  1. I'm convinced that Cushing's will kill me. My immune system is so bad that when I get a cold I'll have it a minimum of 10 days. The flu or anything more serious I'll have for 3 weeks. I'm sure that one of these days I'll get sick and my body just won't be able to fight it. I'd hate to die of pneumonia in my 20s or 30s. ...or I'd get injured, get an infection, and turn septic. It takes me weeks to heal from minor injuries like scratches. So, given that, I'm willing to take my chances with a BLA. Most sources say that it's fairly safe. That, and my qualify of life sucks. I'm managing because I have to. I'm the only source of income for my family so I have to work. I'm taking 10 credits this semester and still working full-time because I just don't have a choice, but it's an awful experience. There's a lot I'm willing to risk to get anything better than this.
  2. You read that right. I suspect that their age also had something to do with it. (The median was 62 y/o for those with Cushing's disease and 52 y/o for those with ectopic Cushing's syndrome, which means some patients had to be older than those. Of course some were younger, too.) Perhaps they didn't tolerate surgery well or were inactive post-op and got pneumonia or some other problem. It doesn't help that they were likely overweight going into surgery given that they had Cushing's.
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