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  1. I imagine her death was a result of her tumor in some way as her body just could not handle it anymore, when your body make too much growth hormone it enlarges the organs ect... so she may have died of another illness but the doctor she realize it is in a way a result of her pituitary tumor. I remember seeing her in our local target store once when I was younger still living at home with my parents, she seemed to be a very nice person. Here is a copy of an article I found on AOL this morning: World's Tallest Woman Dies in IndianaBy DEANNA MARTIN, AP posted: 11 HOURS 32 MINUTES AG
  2. Robin, Karen, everyone, I've enjoyed listening to each of your stories. Karen, I sort of cried when I listened to your story, as I feel its a lot like mine, I too remember coming home from doctors appointments crying all the way home! You thyroid stuff sounds interesting, as I think my thyroid issues sounds some like yours. Thanks everyone for sharing your stories. When I'm diagnosed, I may decide to share mine. Blessings, Pj
  3. I've enjoyed listening to the talks as well. Mary O, its finally nice to at least put a voice to the person I met so many years ago on the old AOL board, I still hope someday to meet in person! Jen its good to hear your voice as well, I remember we always had so many alike symptoms. Its good to hear Robin's, Judi and Mertie too, I'll try to listen to these when possible. Thanks Mary another great way to get the word out! Pj
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