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  1. MaryO and Robin, I would call in (I havent heard the podcasts yet) but my case is very old. I had florid cushings and surgery April 19th, 2000. That was 8 years ago. All i could talk about is the lingering effects of having had post cushings and then having another illness - vertigo, and the complications of steroids that would arise. I think the only benefit in me talking would be to talk about why recovery can take longer than the best of doctors can predict. BUT, I DONT WANT TO DISCOURAGE anyone in the recovery process. I think there are many others who are more up-to-da
  2. Thanks Robin, My sister has a swimming pool........and i am always sitting in the shade. Okay, so I have saved my face from getting wrinkles, but the rest of me has gone to pot. I have copied your post and sent it to my sisters. We already know Vitamin D is good, but this said it so well. So this summer its outside for breakfast and before dinner a nice walk in the sunshine. Im putting on that bathing suit this year! I dont care! After the initial shock wears off, my family will get over it and i will probably feel a lot better. MY TEST FOR VITAMIN D WAS "9"........
  3. Melissa, i have done a medical segment here in Pgh.........i could do another one Im almost certain. i know the Supreme Court Judge of Pennsylvania, Ralph Cappy.......he was in my wedding. What do i do? Email him and talk with him about this?.........need some help here. How does this all link up? Honestly, if i were well, and especially not cutting back, i could do a lot of the things on your list....my intentions are good, but the body is not willing. i'll see what i can do. xo judy
  4. Dave, i thought you were just a crazy guy at first and avoided your posts....now i find i look for your posts and find you a bright funny and really nice guy. So sad in life we sometimes quickly dismiss the chance to learn a purely bright spot in our lives. I almost missed knowing you. Please keep us laughing and being kind. Youre always there for us, hope we can make you laugh too.

  5. .i dont know the weight, but i was told i was a very small baby. ...my mother always told me she was in labor three days with me and then after delivery she had pneumonia and fever and she had to be packed in ice !!! ..somehow my birth weight got lost in the drama of the delivery...... ........................ my first son jon was 7lb 14oz .......thyroid problems my second son jay was 9lbs..........no known pit/thyroid problems
  6. .............somewhere, and i cant remember where.......but it was a reliable cushings source....... .............it was said "suicide is the no. 2 cause of death among people with cushings. (thats all i can remember and it was years ago i heard it. i am assuming no. 1 is untreated cushings or waiting too long or ectopic??) ............at the moment it doesnt quite make sense but just thought id throw that in the rink and i'll try to figure out where i heard that. xoxo judy xoxox i have to say ive been too busy trying to get better to think about doing myself any harm, a
  7. CUSHINGS: as seen on HOUSE and MEDICAL DISCOVERY I got help at www.cushings-help.com Mary, When I went to my endodontist today and had to do my medical report pre visit......the nurse said "oh I learned about Cushings on Medical Discovery (Mary, I am drawing a blank and not sure if that is the correct name of the show??) ...........another time a person said to me...........Oh, I saw that on House. Maybe they can make a connection ??? Just a thought for a bumper sticker. xo Judy
  8. Cheryl, Thanks for all your work and thanks for letting us know....... Does this mean April 8th will be National Cushings Awareness Day every year now?? (I know last year it was just a one time thing)..........if so that is just fantastic !!! This will set up all kinds of possibilities for future events.......like you said, call and alert your local media. Cheryl, can you give us "definite info to give them, or is there a letter that has made this official - so we can use that when we write or call the media -?? I know youre at work now, but when you read this maybe you c
  9. ....my favorite show is CBS News Sunday Morning. Just filled with little bits of wordly wisdom. ...this morning they had a segment on this subject. It was very interesting.......they actually showed the labs, the exercise rooms with men sweating, ........and they had women smelling different bottles to see how they reacted. ...........it was really fun to watch after having read your article Robin. So they are now going to collect mens sweat to market !!!..........they didnt say it raised cortisol specifically but were on that track........they thought it was an aphrodesiac (
  10. I have a question........ Those who are ordering the bracelets - who are your ordering them for - i mean who will you have wear them?: your family, your doctor, friends??? I ask because I know I will wear one....but two grown sons I dont know? BUT .... I know my sons, sisters, etc would gladly BUY them for a donation to Cushings. Can we order them, sell them, and turn the money into the CUSH fund. Would this be imposing to ask anyone to donate and receive a bracelet??? I guess we would also need a CUSH handout if we did that (is there a downloadable pamphlet?) Just wonderin
  11. Cant we do a class action law suit? The commercial is on daily in Pittsburgh. It has taken me years to try to have some understanding from my family and the first thing I have heard is "I thought of you when that adrenalitis commercial was on"...... I mean look at it this way: If you had a bunch of teenagers sitting around studying (doing what they should do for there situation) and somebody comes by in a car and has alcohol to cure the dulldrums of studying........wouldnt that constitute a roar from the public?? Okay forget the alcohol, just use the car to get away. What
  12. did anyone see Scott Hamilton on the Today Show yesterday Morning (Wednesday) ....i saw the second half of his report with Katie Couric. He talked about having a brain tumor, mentioned the optic nerve and hypothalmus but really went into talking about UVA and Dr. Laws who was one of the best surgeons in the world and how wonderful Dr. Laws was to him.....he also talked at length abou the Gamma Knife (which he had done) explained how it is like a football helmet drilled into your head (katie got real freaked out) and how the rays are pin pointed from different directions to the brain ....
  13. Mary, This board seems easier for me- easier to read - my face is not squished up against the screen and i can lean back and read the posts without too much visual disturbance. (i like the grey background) Question: I have sent you a new avatar for my posts. (I know you have been busy with the boards, etc.) Is there anyway I can change a picture avatar myself. Ive read it has to be "on line" to switch it over. Is there anyway I can do this? If not, thanks for doing it for me. If anyone else wants to tell me please do. By the way - where is Dara Rocks? Judy fr
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