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    I love the outdoors. When I was able I loved to fish and hunt. I enjoy my siamese cat, Kady she is always there for me. I also am on my computer quite a bit. This year I turn 43 and both my sons have now moved out and are venturing lives on their own so Mom's kind of lonesome especially not being at work for sometime now...hoping things will turn around here oh not the boys move back getting a dx so I can return to work haha.

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  1. I think I finally figured this out! Sorry I took so long to approve your comments. They're approved now, though. Fingers crossed for today being a good news day!

  2. I have been trying to add you as a friend but for some reason you are not on my list...maybe you have to ask me I have no clue getting frustrated...arghhh...today is Monday find out my results..better be good its been a very rough week for me.

  3. Hello...I went to records and they are not open they leave envelopes outside the door to fill out and you can have them sent to your doctor free or you pay so much a sheet then put in envelope with your addy and all on drop in the box. Yes he did send me with spit tubes..and diary, I am doing the diary but he never mentioned when I am to do the spit tubes?????? Lab order for later 3 months urine.

  4. Happy Birthday for tomorrow as well in case I sleep the day away hahha.

  5. We arrived home safely now the two weeks of waiting....I so hope something shows up still bummed about that MRI but things happen for a reason I guess. How are you feeling? I have slept almost 2 days straight maybe jet lag but can hardly hold my head up. Hopefully this brain fog gets better. ttyl hope all is well for you.

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