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  1. Jennifer- Massachusetts. Pituitary Surgery with CSF Leak & BLA in 2005 At OHSU. Have rest tissue...more testing for now.
  2. Hi all, Jen, I briefly toof hydro but found out that I was allergic to the bnding of the pill. Been on Predisone for 1 1/2 years now. With Predisone all my other cortisol tests were undetectable, so seeing a number freaked me out a bit. Jen
  3. I have a question....I had a BLA in March 2005...I had a bunch of blood drawn at 5pm last thursday and cortisol and ACTH was included in tests. My ACTH was 15 and Cortisol was 3.85. I take 5mg of Predisone at 8am in the morning. Does the Cortisol result mean anything? I thought with a BLA and taking predisone cortisol is supposed to be undectable...like all my other cortisol blood draws it has always been <1 or undectable. Should I be worried? I gained 12 pounds this month after being at a steady weight for months and watch what I eat....and my brother says to me last night.." your face looks good..not as boney and a little puffy....past 3 weeks..sooooo much energy and the worst...my hump is noticable a little bit. Jen
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