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  1. Dr.F., What are they symptoms of Rest tissue after a Bla? Can you have symptoms of Cushings and Addisons. And how do you test for Rest tissue?
  2. Thanks Mary for the quick response. I didn't know there were sizes bigger than 2X. Thanks for the info. Erin
  3. Mary, I know being a cushie is hard. Gaining all the weight and all. I have old cushie t-shirts but they no longer fit me since I am 312 pounds now. I was wondering do you think you could get bigger sizes in the Cushie t-shirts??? If not that is ok. I am a Cushie in heart. Thanks, Erin
  4. Thanks for all the replies. Mary sorry my computer has been out. I was going to do some research on the bands and sure enough you beat me to it. Thanks for doing this. I think a lot of people would wear them. I know my family and friends would and of course myself. erin
  5. Thanks- I'll check into those websites. Erin
  6. I was thinking we could start a fund raiser with these....who knows????? Erin
  7. I don't know if this is a stupid idea and I don't know where we could get some made, but you know those wrist bands that everybody wears, I was thinking maybe the Cushies should get some made. It is just an idea. These are those Lance Armstrong wrist bands if anyone knows what I am talking about. I was thinking having them in a combination of two colors- yellow and blue- the Cush colors. Yellow on one side and blue on the other. IT is just an idea. I thought of it while I was up late one night. Erin
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