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  1. I spoke with both my senators offices in washington just now.[ state of connecticut ] Thanks for the phone #'s . That was a major help. Doreen[/size][/size]
  2. Do they all have those angle like creatures on them? I wouldn't like that.JMHO. Doreen
  3. Cool is the word. Where can these be purchased ? Only here ? Or will my local post office have them?? Great job, Doreen
  4. Great letter !! Ty so much for writing it.These quacks have to be stopped. I talk to managers of health food stores who sell "cortislim" and tell them to take it off the shelf. Now there is a comercial out for some guy who had low adrenaln. then he buys a new car and is all better. What a dis on addisons. Doreen
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