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    My 9 year old daughter Ciara. <br />Piano, violin, flute.<br />Considering a biochemistry degree .

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  1. Rest in peace, Liz!

    1. brnice


      God Bless you and Ciara!

  2. Hi! Just looked through your pics, seem similar to mine! I'm waiting for tests now


  3. Yes, my pharmacist didn't have it when I filed my latest prescription and said it had been discontinued. Luckily I have about another month's worth tucked away at home! Thanks for the warnings about keeping it refrigerated, very interesting. And what a PAIN when you want to take it first thing in the morning and have to traipse downstairs for it! Liz x
  4. Thanks for posting this Robin. The poor unfortunate man and his family - it is dreadful. And so very descriptive - makes you wish you could have been there for him to help.
  5. Yep, I always knew exercise was bad for you! I've often wondered, as my symptoms really accelerated after a nasty blow to the head (at an office christmas party after too much wine, say no more) and I'm sure I've read lots of questions here asking if there could be any correlation. Didn't someone hit a cow in their car and develop symptoms too? One for the Darwin Awards! Liz
  6. I thought a flake was a bar of chocolate! I'll have to read up on this, thanks!
  7. Couldn't agree more Jo! Liz has been a fantastic and supportive friend to me too in the last 2 years - one of the reasons why I am glad I found this site.

    Love - Diane xx

  8. A star buddy, & my personal sanity angel..


    Love ya Liz..Jo.

  9. Indeed spot-on Robin! I love this idea, trouble is, they'd end up with too many people diagnosed with cushings, and we could never have that ........
  10. I am so pleased to see someone publishing this! Now for a study on the 2 day dex test ....... which as we know is SO reliable - NOT!
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