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  1. Pituitary surgery August 2005 removed most of pituitary but failed to cure cushings!

    Pathology showed equivocal adenoma, plus corticotroph hyperplasia.

    There's always been a question mark over me having an ectopic CRH producing tumour.


    A year of testing followed to prove it hadn't gone away, and then six months to convince a UK surgeon to do a BLA.


    April 2007 - bilateral adrenalectomy cured my Cushings.

    Having a nightmare weaning! Currently down to 35mg (7 months later).


    Latest - Dec07 - becoming hypopit - have lost GH, and the sex hormones, and all my oestregon.

    But just happy to be here!




  2. Yes, my pharmacist didn't have it when I filed my latest prescription and said it had been discontinued. Luckily I have about another month's worth tucked away at home!


    Thanks for the warnings about keeping it refrigerated, very interesting. And what a PAIN when you want to take it first thing in the morning and have to traipse downstairs for it!




  3. Yep, I always knew exercise was bad for you!


    I've often wondered, as my symptoms really accelerated after a nasty blow to the head (at an office christmas party after too much wine, say no more) and I'm sure I've read lots of questions here asking if there could be any correlation. Didn't someone hit a cow in their car and develop symptoms too? One for the Darwin Awards!



  4. Hi Ros


    At last a famous figure to promote our cause !!! :D I'd love to read it (lizr007@hotmail.com). I did hear a snippet about it on the radio this morning and was wondering where to find the data! Though where he found the energy to invade France is beyond me .... I can't walk to the dustbins and back!



    Let's hope everyone else doesn't assume we've all got syphilis!




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