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  1. Sherry, I'm sharing your fantastic slideshow again.

    Sherry wrote: "PowerPoint that was presented at pioneer Pacific College. It took alot of work with my failing memory but I did It! I want to get the word out about Cushing's and my journey with this awful disease." 

  2. Sharon, I miss you, please e-mail me, let me know how you are doing.

  3. Thank you Mary, I use that brand and I have the date but my lot# is ok...phew!
  4. Hi, just thinking about ya!

  5. just another amazing thing you have done for people mary. I sure hope poeple chime in and use this feature. What a great service. Hugs, SherryC just another amazing thing you have done for people mary. I sure hope people chime in and use this feature. What a great service. Hugs, SherryC
  6. (((((Mary))))) I so appreciate everything you do, I am amazed at the things you do. I am trying to put together a website for my bracelets and can't seem to get it. You do all of this stuff, did you take a class or learn as you went along? Please know you are so much appreciated and loved and yes, an occasional update on you and your health would be wonderful so we can support you. I know there are times you need support or need to rant and we would love to be there for you as you have been there for us. You are one incredable woman and I love and respect you in many ways. Love and hugs, SherryC
  7. I now have 6 beautiful medic alert bracelets that Sherry made for me. She has also made earrings to match 3 of them.

    they are very special!!!

  8. Sherry do you have a web-site for your bracelets?

  9. April 21,2009

    My Endo Dr. commented how nice my bracelet was.

    Now that's something,from

    a busy,male Dr.


  10. Sherry makes beautiful bracelets for your medic aleric

    and are very reasonable. I don't think she makes much on them. I'm so glad I get 2 of them from her!!!

  11. Thanks for that article, I am doing Curves now and they suggest only going 3x a week. SherryC
  12. I have had trouble bringing my ferriten up too. Even on Iron it dropped. I will be coureous to see if it goes up now that I am not bleeding everyday due to my TAH. Robin thanks for this info. Maybe if my ferriten does not go up they can test this hormone. Hugs SherryC
  13. Here is what I posted.... Sherry said: July 13th, 2008 at 1:04 pm I know this is topic is about obesity, but I feel the need the stick up for all the Cushing?s patients out there!!!! Cushing?s is NOT as rare as some doctors that may think. I belong to a supprt group of other Cushing?s patients that has 4,855 other members and I know there are many more out there. Many that don?t sign up for this support group. I know this because when myself or one of the other memebers goes to the specilists we see, there are many other ?Cushies? in the waiting rooms, who do not know about the support group. Unfortunitly the word is not out there enough yet, and we have to travel to see these Cushing?s specialists. The doctor I see that specializes in only Cushing?s will flat out tell you ?Cushing?s is not nearly as rare as once thought.? So please, when looking at a obese person please don?t pass judgement on them, they may have a real dease, that if not treated is deadly, just like cancer. Hugs to us all SherryC
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