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  1. NA reduces potassium, so if your sodium drops then Potassium will rise.
  2. Cyndie M, New Jersey, Pituitary 1-09-2009 Upcoming BLA 4-28-2011. Yea I think there stats of 80% initial success rate is MUCH LOWER then what they fudge the numbers to be...
  3. Thank you posting this: My live enzymes elevate even if I take tylenol more then 2x in a week. That is one of the reasons I could not follow thru with Keto. Some people are so much more sensitive.
  4. Wow hun, that is incredible. Unfortunately for me, I am the eldest of a very old generation. So it's difficult to figure out what my great grandfather died of when it was 1931. Everything was heart failure or consumption on the death certificates. I did learn that my Grandmothers Only sibling died of Kidney failure at 46, and had "Uncontrollable Hypertension" (probably due to hyperparathyroidism) and My Grandmothers 1st cousin died of pancreatic cancer in 1963 at 52yrs old (probably due to an islet tumor in the pancreas). His son, my dads first cousin died of complications from untreat
  5. Very COOL! Ha ha Susan, too bad the neurosurgery failed me the first time. I don't think either Tom and I are going to feel better about it until it's over ya know? I hate the choice that is before me, and I wish there were other "less radiacal" options, but there isn't, so I'm ok with it now. Of course, I'm the one that is suffering day in and day out. Tom on the other hand would rather me stay JUST the way I am. He's pretty scared, and that's SO not like him, it sorta breaks my heart. XO
  6. Hey Deb, we may be related too! who is your ancestor from the Mayflower? I found today that Ancestry is completely different the FTM. You can't find "how your related to a particular person in Ancestry". IN FTM you could find a person, and then it would tell you the relation, IE 4th cousin twice removed, ya know?
  7. So My MIND has just been blown, and now I'm going to blow all of yours! Many of you may not know this, but I have a very rich family history that dates back to the Mayflower. My ancestors are well-known historical figures, and socialites, so I really wanted to complete a family tree for my children and grand children. I spent a great deal of time from 1999-2002 painstakingly researching my entire family tree. There was not a lot of information available online at the time, so most of my energy was spent in Church of Latter Day Saints plowing through thousands of microfilms and ordering
  8. Good one, I'd also like to add to that question, if your CBG is high, how does it affect treatment? If you have a BLA, will the hydro build up in your system the same way Total cortisol does causing "cushings symptoms"?
  9. I miss chatting with you. Hope you are doing well.

  10. Very interesting read. Perhaps his open wounds were the cause of diabetes which is also caused by cushings! Hmmmmm!
  11. Can you be Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism at the same time?
  12. Congrats on your dx! The very best wishes for a cure!

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