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  1. I still miss you and hope you are doing ok. Drop me a line sometime.

  2. Hi Dawn,

    We all miss you so much. I pray that you are ok and hope that you will be back real soon. Love CathyM

  3. Miss you so much Dawn! I hope you are doing well. Love ya!

  4. Whassup, Dawn? Miss you.

  5. I miss you Dawn, and I hope everything is okay! Can't wait to see you around. {hugs}

  6. Dawn, I really miss you. Much love, Robin

  7. Dawn, You are such a good friend, I appreciate you so much. Thanks for all your help. Love ya!

  8. Dawn, Thanks for being a sweet friend. I am so glad we got to meet at least for a little bit. Your a one smart lady. Love, Sallyt

  9. WOW a big baby! Robin I have always wonder if my illness had an effect on the size of my big babies?!?!?!? I also had an issue with pre-eclampsia with the first, maybe the second and definitely the third pregnancy. My 24hr protein was 4,300mgs (normal 100-200mg/day). Just as FYI my three pregancies produced very large babies and I never had getational diabetes. I was screened by O'Sullivan test (a 1-hour blood glucose determination after a sugar drink) and passed each time. NO one really could say why the babies were so large-especially the ones that would have been quite large if I hadn'
  10. Mertie - I think based on what I have read -there may be more information pending- I would feel safe using lavender scented products.....However, I would not use the pure lavendar oil directly on the skin..... I don't feel there is enough information to stop using all lavender scented products ----For example- how much oil is needed to cause this side effect or how long and often it had been used before the gynecomastia presented in these few cases. I think it was more of a heads-up that if you see this side effect in a young child then you should stop the use of the oil and you will h
  11. Mertie- In the information I have found it is the Lavendar OIL and I believe it stated that a couple of patients were applying the PURE Lavendar oil directly to their skin. This of course is a different concentrations found in say shea butter, lotions or other products that would be a diluted concentration. The concept is that lavendar oil possesses estrogenic and antiandrogenic activities. It also said that the reason it may have affected the young- Prepubertal children have low sex hormone concentrations, so relatively small amounts of hormone-mimicking compounds might upset their
  12. Thanks for the link....I was trying to find the story on the Idaho Statesman site. We use the johnson and johnson lavendar lotion, but I am not sure of the true lavendar oil in them. But good to know if someone has a child that shows gynecomastia and usese these products that they have been linked to 3 other children with the same condition. Hugs, Dawn Edit- I also found this link that dicusses a little more of the study. Very interesting topic Shelley! http://www.terragon.com/gemjoy/Lavender%20Revolution.htm
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