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  1. WOW a big baby! Robin I have always wonder if my illness had an effect on the size of my big babies?!?!?!? I also had an issue with pre-eclampsia with the first, maybe the second and definitely the third pregnancy. My 24hr protein was 4,300mgs (normal 100-200mg/day). Just as FYI my three pregancies produced very large babies and I never had getational diabetes. I was screened by O'Sullivan test (a 1-hour blood glucose determination after a sugar drink) and passed each time. NO one really could say why the babies were so large-especially the ones that would have been quite large if I hadn't went into labor early. First - delivered around 40 weeks/due date she weighed 10 pounds 6 oz Second- identical twins delivered 6 weeks early- lost one baby and the other baby 8 pounds can't remember ounces right now Third- Delivered 4 weeks early another 10 pounds 6 ouncer again.
  2. Mertie - I think based on what I have read -there may be more information pending- I would feel safe using lavender scented products.....However, I would not use the pure lavendar oil directly on the skin..... I don't feel there is enough information to stop using all lavender scented products ----For example- how much oil is needed to cause this side effect or how long and often it had been used before the gynecomastia presented in these few cases. I think it was more of a heads-up that if you see this side effect in a young child then you should stop the use of the oil and you will have "rapid reversal of gynecomastia ". So as things stand now I will continue to use the Johnson and Johnson lotion...it says lavender and chamomile scent I would say do whatever you feel best about doing. Dawn
  3. Mertie- In the information I have found it is the Lavendar OIL and I believe it stated that a couple of patients were applying the PURE Lavendar oil directly to their skin. This of course is a different concentrations found in say shea butter, lotions or other products that would be a diluted concentration. The concept is that lavendar oil possesses estrogenic and antiandrogenic activities. It also said that the reason it may have affected the young- Prepubertal children have low sex hormone concentrations, so relatively small amounts of hormone-mimicking compounds might upset their physiologic balance at that age, says Reiter.
  4. Thanks for the link....I was trying to find the story on the Idaho Statesman site. We use the johnson and johnson lavendar lotion, but I am not sure of the true lavendar oil in them. But good to know if someone has a child that shows gynecomastia and usese these products that they have been linked to 3 other children with the same condition. Hugs, Dawn Edit- I also found this link that dicusses a little more of the study. Very interesting topic Shelley! http://www.terragon.com/gemjoy/Lavender%20Revolution.htm
  5. HI Shelley, I can't find the article. It must not still be on the website. Did the article list the source of the information? I was interested in seeing who and what was the research being done on this. Thanks for the information. Dawn
  6. Hi Mary, I love the tanks and t-shirts! I personally don't care much for the web address lower on the "belly". I would either like to see it up under the "got hump" or maybe even on the back under the ribbon?!?!? Just my opinion and thanks for putting them up to see! Dawn
  7. WOW!! Thanks MaryO that is one of the better video images I have seen of a transnasal procedure! It amazes me that the neurosurgeons can even distinguish what they are pulling out of the opening! Thanks again for sharing, Dawn
  8. Hiya Cheryl, I haven't gotten the cookbooks yet. Would they fit in a large mailbox? I just wanted to check in case they would be something I should have gotten a slip for pick-up at the post office. thanks Dawn
  9. I just ordered 3 cookbooks to add to mother's day gifts. I can't wait to get them. I am sure they will be a hit. Yummy ........... take care, Dawn
  10. Well didn't they know every women loves a good smelling man..... But I always thought it was the designer colognes that was the attracting scent. Now we will go from designer scents to the designer drugs! Well it is about time the pharmaceuticals wised up! Like the article said....I am sure they would sell a lot... do that know that women out populate men...read a census guys.... and we are increasing our buying power??? Why do they think premarin was the number one best seller of all pharmaceutical medications for sooooooo.........long! Besides we control things...I mean we are the "gate-keepers" if momma ain't happy nobody is! BTW Robin I just knew I was going to click on that link and it was not going to direct me to the article but the picture of some Honey of a guy with his neck turned for me to pretend I was getting a whiff of the "New Drug"....Durn! LOL Dawn
  11. Great information Robin- What I take away from this is that the depression associated with chronic exposure to "stress stimuli" or cortisol in a Cushing's patient is caused by some type of down regulation of response to external stimuli. I wonder if you can correlate the longer someone has been in the throes of Cushing?s with the high levels of Cortisol the greater the risk or level of depression? I thought this was interesting: ?Chronic exposure to corticosterone also dulled their reactions to a startling stimulus. This was another sign that their nervous system was overwhelmed." It does make sense that a person faced with elevated chronic exposure to cortisol would reach a burn-out threshold to some degree. That would be the point depression would kick in due to the down regulation according to what I extrapolate from the paper. I just am having a hard time wrapping my brain around how I can go from the smallest stimuli setting me off to being so removed from a stimulus in just a matter of hours..?? Unless my body ups the level of cortisol produced when I have an "external stimulus" that does get the response thus causing a response because the level of cortisol is increased but why does it not do this the every time? Maybe Adrenal Fatigue plays a role here. There is only so much the adrenals can produce. The other idea............................ Maybe if you are a cycling Cushie you "reset" your threshold each time your cortisol dips and then low levels of stimuli DO affect you causing stress but then get to that burn-out level and thus have a down-regulation of ones reaction to the stimulus so that the same low level or even higher levels of stimuli DON'T cause a reaction until you reset again??.... I need to be in that Study. :ph34r: Maybe they could figure me out? Great food for thought thanks for posting! Dawn
  12. Hi Nikki I posted to your question in the chat....but in case you miss it from there.. You'd Rather Be Dead is the name ... You'd Rather Be Dead ... click her for link to article Dawn
  13. Merriam webster dictionary online I foundd this site and some of you may already know of it but I thought it was a great tool in collecting all our medical symptoms. It gives the difinition of words of course but the neat thing is it allows you to press on the audio button to hear how to correctly pronounce the word, which we all know how medical terminology can be a beast. So next time we all will not only know more about the disease than the doc we will sound better too. hee hee Dawn
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