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  1. Allison, I also miss you very much, we need your input and knowledge. Love, Sallyt

  2. Miss you, muchly. We need your wisdom.



  3. Thanks for posting some of these and thanks to MaryO for making the New Item / Research section for you to put them in. That whole PubMed cite makes me bonkers. Everytime I do a google search on a medical issue I want to research I get this teaser I can not read. That being said I am PMing you two I would be interested in reading if you are still avoiding your to-do list and would not mind looking them up!
  4. Autism uses multi-colored puzzle pieces, maybe Cushing's should be a STRING OF ORANGE/BROWN URINE JUGS! This is the most comprehensive list of ribbons/colors I have found. I did not see Cushing's.
  5. Don't worry Sue, I wrote my own letters to my two Senators (each a bit different) using the up-to-date information on the resolution and the contact information Cheryl had provided in her post. I am still working on my Rep letter. I went in search of that sample when someone above was looking for it. I have since adjusted the post to direct people to your message posted today.
  6. A sample letter I found posted on this site. As Sue wrote below-- do not copy and paste this letter. It is just a sample. We need to write our own, personal, letter using the most UP-TO-DATE information on the resolution. See the SuziQ post below dated 11/2/2005 for additional information.
  7. If I get a reply from any of them I will post it. Sadly, I have emailed/fax'd/snail-mailed them on another issue in the past and only Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton replied but never followed through. Still, I think the fact that I was able to reference the two Senators from your state who are already "on it" will help tremendously! At the very least they might remember "hearing" about this somewhere when your Senators bring it up. Maybe I should go ahead and buy them Cushing's Awareness Bracelets-- mail them a few days after my letter with another copy of my letter. Who knows? Maybe it will prompt the mail-opening assistant to actually read my letter. At worst they both end up in the garbage... But who is to say some Intern does not find it-- likes the color-- and starts wearing it! No snow yet but I am FREEZING TO DEATH with some post-op weirdness. I've got so many layers on I feel like a kid mumified in a snow-suit -- I also have the heat blasting. It's cold out but it's not THAT cold yet. I don't know what the heck is going on here!
  8. You can count on the NEW YORK Senators/Representatives hearing from me. For those who need their state's information: CLICK to find your Senators CLICK for Representatives in Congress THANK YOU, Cheryl and friends for all your efforts in this VERY important matter!
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