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  1. Okay- what time is it on tonight? (central time zone here)... Tammie go Karen!!!
  2. I did some searching on the net and found this- I hope it works. Don't know if that means every year or just 2007? http://frwebgate.access.gpo.gov/cgi-bin/ge...mp;position=all Tammie
  3. Mary- on the car magnets, could we do the light blue with yellow lettering- or would that be the 2 colors? Just thinking.... Tammie
  4. Did we ever get car ribbon magnets made?? I'd love to "show my pride" someway... Thanks! Tammie Happy New Year to you all!!!
  5. I too would like to know if we can buy them at the post office- and are they ready yet??? Tammie
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