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  1. Well as long as we are on the history of the Cushing?s awareness pins; actually, I first made the ribbon pins with Blue and Yellow for a health-fair I did for UCLA in 2000 after my own pituitary surgery. I used Blue and Yellow because those were UCLA?s colors and that is where I had my surgery, and I was in the process of starting the UCLA Pituitary Patient Support Group. I took a blue ribbon and a yellow ribbon just like the ones Mary you have here and I glued them together and glued a small safety-pin on the back. I put them in a plastic bag with a card that talked about pituitary disease an
  2. Hello all: I received a copy of this article the other day and thought I would share it. I spoke last week for UCLA School of Medicine again. This time it was for second year medical students. It went very well, Dr. Cohan let me talk about every Cushing's topic I could think of. The students were very interested and asked a lot of questions. Many stopped afterwards to ask more questions and thanked me for speaking. Boy-what a blessing that was for me. I hope you enjoy the article. Blessings. Sharmyn Internal Medicine News The Leading Independent Newspaper for the Internist
  3. I have never heard any of my doctors or the doctors that speak at my pituitary tumor support group refer to Cushing's 1, or Cushing's 2. From what I have been told and have read: It starts off as Cushing's syndrome until a defiant diagnosis is made on the source of the high Cortisol. It is considered Cushing's syndrome if there is a tumor in the adrenals. Cushing's disease refers specifically to excessive ACTH-secretion by a pituitary tumor. Ectopic ACTH producing tumors are from cancer or tumors somewhere else in the body. Still considered Cushing's syndrome. In some people
  4. This is great. I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Heaney speak about this at the UCLA, USC, Ceadar's Physicians conference I attended last Sunday. His presentation was quite informative. He did talk about this being in it's infant stages, never the less, it's wonderful progress. Blessings, Sharmyn
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