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  1. This kind of crap is what I deal with every day I work...making my assessment fit someone in computer programming idea that every patient can be assessed the same way...that every patient will have signs and symptoms that fall into this or that catagory and never never never differ...we have no 'input' fields...just point and click...patient is weak...well..we don't have weak...so lets say lethargic is the closest we can come to weak..but it's NOT the same thing... Someone has to wake up the computer programming teams that Medicine is not static....we need to be able to accurately input into our devices.... We do not, at this time, use computers for our patient care reports but our state mandates that after each call, the information be put into a computer program that is then downloaded at the state office for purposes of tracking trends and thus allocation of the almighty dollar...so our paper patient care report is accurate...but what our state is using for tracking is woefully inaccurate..... Our billing department also uses the paper report that I generate to enter data into billing programs....which creates another area of inaccuracy Good article Robin! Thanks for sharing, Tami and Amber
  2. just fyi...i think you have one of the easiest websites to 'get around'! Very nice.

  3. Not necessary Kate...you are entitled to your opinions...and Am and I both agree that she needs to pick a side and stay on it (nothing worse than someone who preaches convictions only to be found to ride the fence...if you believe something believe it...don't go back and forth..makes you lose credibility in our book!)...LOL...hopefully as soon as the new information is published maybe she'll side with the obvious choice of acknowleging cyclic Cushings and develop a better set of testing standards at UVA for cyclers.... Wonder if she only 'believes' in florid cases since her 'remission' rate would be much higher than if she took the chance and dx'd some cyclers (who we all know are harded to treat surgically)....dunno..just a thought... Anyway...we're glad she helped Amber and those others she's dx'd...and wish she'd jump on the bandwagon of the new ideas that Cushings' is cyclic before becoming florid...save a bunch of physiological damage if she would... Hugs to all, Tami and AMber
  4. Amber is one who found help from Dr. Vance...she was florid at the time...so while she doesn't believe in cyclical cushings at this point in time she has done some good work from some patients... Just our nickles worth... Tami and Amber
  5. That was one of the most interesting articles that I've ever read on the fat epidemic!! Thanks for sharing...I think I might try to eliminate most of the fructose from my diet...for a couple weeks just to see if I notice a difference... Very very interesting...and it makes a whole lot of sense... Tami and Amber
  6. Complications: A Surgeon's Notes on an Imperfect Science....This is the first book by Atul Gawande. I've read it and it is magnificent! I expect his second book, from which quotes are taken in this article, is just as good. His Mother and Father practice medicine here in Athens. Thanks for the interesting article, MaryO!
  7. OMG!! You ladies are amazing! What fun and what a great tool! Tami and Amber
  8. Robin, You find the most interesting research! Amber and I used tea-tree shampoo for years...hum....so far no ill effects.. Hugs, Tami and Amber
  9. Hi Kate,

    We miss you but hope you're resting and healing...

    Tami and Amber

  10. OOPS! Wrong Kate..lol


  11. Hi Kate, we miss you but hope you resting and healing...

    Tami and Amber

  12. Mary O, you've outdone yourself!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM....I kinda like the floursent green one too....reminds me of urine...LOL We both love the ribbon with 'cushing's survivor' curved and the year in the bottom of the ribbon but....we, too think that it'd be so much easier to just leave off the year and offer 'survivor' and one with 'disease'...so that both sets of people can order... again....love love love them!!!
  13. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! Got Hump on the front and Amber's ribbon on the back at the site of the hump....without the year of course because everyone's year could be different!! Tami and Amber PS...and Robin the idea about pre-ordering car magnets is a good one...count us in for a couple if that happens.
  14. We want "Got Hump?" tshirts!!!!! Great idea Jen!! But Barb...we'll pass on the thongs...lol...we try to keep our undies outta there instead of intentionally putting them there.. Tami and Amber
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