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  1. If you'd like I can bring these down to Va. and we can try them on together.
  2. I'm sorry Mary. This site has literally saved my life. I wish I could be more active but mostly the time has come for me to put a lot of it in my past. FB is great but none of the info or conversations are saved. <3
  3. This site has literally saved my life and the people that I've met have added greatness to it. I am blessed because of it. The information is available FREE to all and no arm twisting is done to make you donate anything. If you are stressed over posts from others that remind us of the expenses or to give back in support, I think it is your own conscience bothering you. Don't worry about it. Nobody is judging you over donating or not, disability or mega rich. You do what moves you and nothing more, nothing less. As for cost cutting, saving $$ by doing things differently, well I guess that for whatever reasons, MaryO has settled on this format after 14 years of learning and adapting. So be it. It is not for us to decide what is a waste and what may be a better cost. Don't stress over it.
  4. Thanks NES, so good of you to 'donate'. You've already done more than you should have.
  5. Exactamundo. BLA is as safe as you make it to be. Be aware of your body and it's needs. There are many, many people who have this done, not just Cushing's patients and with a good doc and knowledge you can live a normal life. Cushing's disease on the other hand is unmanageable and deadly. I was on borrowed time when I had my BLA 3 weeks ago.
  6. BLA has been fun for me so far! I was literally dying with Cushing's. I no longer have Cushing's and I'm going to live. 3 weeks out and it's been a better 3 weeks than the last 3 years
  7. Hey your birthday is the day before mine.

  8. You be careful!

  9. I am guilty of "feeding trolls" but dagnabit, sometimes I feel like some people need to be either force fed some discipline or banned altogether. There is no excuse for the blatant personal attacks.
  10. I was wondering the same thing! It is amazing to me that there is some sort of personal agenda to cause pain. The post that strikes me most obvious is still there, while there were two responses pulled down from this morning.
  11. She had been given a scan involving the pituitary and there was no evidence of a tumour. It transpired the post-mortem had found Mrs Richardson did have a tumour, which had experienced bleeding. Dr Stanaway said that Mrs Richardson had not liked the scanning process and moved at one point ? it was important for patients to remain still. Blame the patient!
  12. Got it. Please let me know when I get out of line with the board terms. I am not really lecherous...
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