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  1. Autumn, you are a beautiful person, I miss you so much when you don't post often. Hugs, Sally

  2. Hey everyone! I heard from one of the Nebraska reps in the Senate and told them about this petition and they would like to have the information. I told them that I would send it to them, but was hoping..... That we could get one more BIG push to have all our family and friends and anyone you can think of show their support by signing before this goes to Washington! We have over 100 signatures already....so, we have done GREAT! LETS KEEP IT UP! If you need a copy of the standard email that I sent to all my friends and family I would be happy to forward it to you! Just let me know! THANKS EVERYONE! ~Autumn
  3. Thought I would explain what this petition can do.... First of all, it adds power and substance to our efforts to have a Nationally recognized day if we have an extensive, following. Second, this petition and all the signatures can be printed and sent to a Senator, politician, or medical professional that may be will to take on the cause. Third, this petition and its list of signatures are IDEAL for releasing to the press and media for coverage and will assist GREATLY in getting the word out there. It is so simple. The petition has a place to add your name and a comment if you want. PLEASE take a moment to sign and formward it on to all the people in your address book, your friends and family. We all get forwarded messages all the time, but this one is dear to our hearts and can make a differnce! WHATS STOPPING YOU!? PLEASE SUPPORT OUT EFFORTS TO RAISE AWARENESS! YOUR HELP IS NEEDED AND IT IS SO EASY! Thanks! http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/CushingsDiseaseAwareness ALSO, If you would like me to email you the petition signature request to send on to your family and friends or others, I would be happy to! Just send me a note at my email - shishon99@yahoo.com Thanks!
  4. Hello everyone! Please take a moment to read and sign this resolution to help raise awareness around the world for CUSHING'S AWARENESS! Please visit: www.ipetitions.com/petition/CushingsDiseaseAwareness PASS it on to any and all you can think of. I know we are capable of creating quite a stir! If you can't get to your own Senators, or local media, it is so easy to sign this petition to show your support for GREATER AWARNESS! My best to everyone in the New Year! ~Autumn in OMAHA
  5. Cheryl, Thank you for the info...I will get on the Senators in NEBRASKA once again and hopefully get their support once again. Is there a way to get this day permanently recognized? I don't know much about it....but I know that October is National B.C awareness... How can we get the word out there and make a bigger, lasting differnce? Any brainstorming thoughts? In the meantime...I will send out my lettes once again! Thanks Cheryl! All my best to everyone for a healthier 2007. Muchas Smootches! ~A P.S.... If there are any members in the OMAHA area that would like to get together around or ON April 8th, I would love to plan and put something together. I would love to see the arms of our internet community embrace a more personal gathering! Let me know if anyone around here is interested! Again...Muchas Smootches to all! ~Autumn shishon99@yahoo.com
  6. Ditto that! They are awesome! Everyone needs to buy one! One for themselves and one or two as gifts! ~A
  7. Just got my cookbook in the mail - I LOVE IT! Cheryl - AWESOME JOB! I kno it was a huge undertaking....but it sure turned out lovely! Thank you all for contributing and making it so special! I just can't tell you how much I love it and will cherish it! If you haven't seen it....it is pretty and would make a SUPER gift...and a great value at only $10 including shipping! THANKS TO ALL!
  8. I'm not sure what to do with my "BLOG" so I've chosen to use it as a sounding board. If to no one else, myself. I find that sometimes I need to see my thoughts or ideas...to put them in written or visual form in order to make any sense of them. Much of it is really, selfishly, for my own benefit. But I welcome any comments or thoughts that anyone reading this may have. I beleive that we are each on our own journey. What we make of that journey is up to us. We may come across many places, people and things as we take this journey, but only the people, places and things that we choose to acknowledge can make an inpact. I wish you all growth, peace and joy in your journey. Thank you for stopping in on mine!
  9. Time to call all the newspapers and media! Lets get the word to EVERYONE! Yippie! ~Autumn
  10. Cheryl, I called both the Senators offices in Washington and let them both know that the resolution is coming up and to be on the watch for it and gave the info from the other post and email that you sent as well. I'm crossing my fingers that they reply....I just left voice mails..... Smootches! ~A
  11. Just wanted to let you all know that I did receive a very nice letter from one of my Nebraska senators stating his intent to support the proposal of an awareness day. GREAT NEWS! I also got a phone call from the other Senator...so that is PROGRESS! Persistance pays off! Yippie! ~Autumn
  12. Thank you so much everyone! I have a couple projects in mind and I just wanted to make sure that I was being true to the cause! Smootches to all! ~Autumn
  13. Ok...I need help. I'm confused. I have a cushing's ribbon lapel pin that is yellow and blue, (Yellow on the top and left, blue on the bottom and right) HOWEVER.....the Down Syndrome ribbon is almost IDENTICAL - (Blue on the top and left, yellow on the bottom right.... NOW.... if you go out into the world of awareness pins....there are places that recognize cushings with a light blue ribbon - probably because of the thyroid connection....BUT....no one seems to know the color of the cushing's ribbon, and it is SOOO confusing because it is so close to the Down Syndrome ribbon.... So....just to clarify.....what color is a CUSHING'S RIBBON??? Thanks! ~A
  14. Another Question.... The Cushing's Fact Sheet......is there a printable version that we can share with out local Dr's, hospitals, etc. to create awareness? ~Autumn
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