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  1. Hi there, get a referral to the endocrine department at the western infirmary in Glasgow. Are you still undiagnosed? @ jesslp - I got sent to an obesity specialist post my first pit tumour. Same story as you. Eating 1000 calories a day and putting on weight. Recorded EVERYTHING I ate for 8 weeks on an app and printed out everything for him. He said I must have forgotten to put down lattes - seriously I could have killed the guy. Also because I had told him I'm lactose intolerant and don't drink milk!!! Turns out my pit tumour is back but he told me that cushings does not make you fat, it's the increase in appetite that makes you fat. So how can I still be eating 1000 calories and still be putting on weight??????
  2. I thought that the change in how your body metabolises protein and carbohydrate, rapid uptake of carbs and the 'storing' in easy places (face, hump, belly) were a strong indication that it does make you fat. Stuck with this doctor. Endo is ok but this chap is, in the words of Malcolm tucker, a waste of skin. :-)
  3. Hello all! My lovely fat doctor - some kind of obesity specialist - has claimed that cushings does not make you fat. I'm on 1500 calories a day and still gaining weight so not sure he's right. Does anyone have some scholarly articles that disprove his theory?? Kikicee
  4. Hi, It's Ciara here! It's been a long while.... How are you? I've been looking for you on Facebook. I had to come off it after been stalked by a colleague...long story. Have a fake Facebook now under the name of margo Hughes. If I find you ill readd you. Wanted to know how you are getting on? I've had a recurrence and thinking of a BLA this time. Yuck! I was back on site and re-reading your bio and just reminded me how similar our journeys were and how much i thou...

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