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  1. I always listen to them but am usually working/busy during "primetime hours" so I think no matter when you do them (and as Melissa said, weekends might be better for more people to participate!) they will still get downloaded onto iPods to listen later. I think it's so great to hear other people's stories.
  2. I haven't watched it yet but put it on my to-do list after you posted about it on facebook. I will let you know what I think once I watch it!
  3. Massachusetts General Hospital Launches iPhone App to Locate Emergency Rooms FindER Connects Users to the Most Complete Database of ERs in the U.S. BOSTON?Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital?s (MGH) Emergency Medicine Network (EMNet) announced today the launch of EMNet findER?, a free iPhone application designed to help users locate the closest emergency room to their current location, as well as provide directions and additional information with a touch of the screen. FindER uses the iPhone?s global positioning system to quickly direct patients to emergency rooms anywhere within the United States. ?FindER is designed to provide key information to people experiencing health emergencies,? says Carlos A. Camargo MD, of MGH?s Department of Emergency Medicine and EMNet director. ?FindER uses information from EMNet?s own database of emergency departments, which is the most complete and accurate in the nation.? Along with directions and general information, findER is designed for quick phone calls to both the care-center itself and in cases where necessary, 911 emergency services. ?EMNet researchers maintain a database of nearly 5,000 emergency rooms in the United States. Unlike a simple Google search where the results may include many emergency centers that have closed or moved, or even veterinary hospitals, findER?s results are based on an aggregation of emergency room listings from multiple sources that have been confirmed by researchers at EMNet,? says Camargo. ?FindER is designed to help patients get to emergency rooms in the shortest amount of time.? FindER is ideal for travelers, especially those suffering chronic medical conditions, or those traveling with friends or relatives with health problems. FindERis available now as a free download in the iTunes app store. Simply click this link or search "EMNet findER," to download. For a short demonstration video, users can visit YouTube. http://www.massgeneral.org/about/pressrelease.aspx?id=1248
  4. http://www.endo-society.org/endo_news/2010/upload/Endocrine-News-August-2010.pdf (Scroll about halfway down to the article - it was a cover story!) Endocrine News Journal highlighted Cushing's Disease in their August 2010 issue. My surgeon is mentioned a few times in there (doesn't everyone love when you know the people writing these?) Unfortunately it doesn't mention anything about BLA and most of this isn't news to most of us here but I thought it was worth posting. At least doctors are acknowledging that it's a problem!
  5. Ate a whole jar of pickles in 3 days. I think I have a problem :)

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      virtually no calories though!

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      I LOVE pickles!

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      Thats so weird. I have been eating pickles like crazy too.

  6. In response to the question about growing pituitary tumors - no. It still allows your body to MAKE cortisol, so you still have that feedback loop, but it blocks the receptors that allow your body to use it. So no Nelson's!
  7. I was hoping to join the trial for this but couldn't get high salivaries. Only high UFCs and they require one of each. The nurse that's running the study at my hospital said they've seen a few patients have really good results! It works as a cortisol receptor instead of inhibitor, so your levels will remain high, but the symptoms from Cushing's will lessen. Sounds promising! Hopefully it will be FDA approved soon!
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