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  1. I would really like to ask why so many of us are still feeling so poorly after having a BLA. And I don't mean just a couple of months after a BLA, I mean those of us that have waited it out and still aren't feeling cured. I still have ALL of my Cushing's symptoms and am much worse off since my BLA. I would also like to hear more about the PET scan with cosyntropin to find rest tissue/ residual tissue. Also, are there other ways to look for rest tissue? Thanks!
  2. Hi we have talked in the past...i just saw that you said you had noticed first symptoms after Derpovara shots....Thinkg about it now i had my first symtoms after i got those shots too...i felt so awful they recoomoned i stop getting them. Have you gotten any further in investigating that issue?? Just curious. Never tought of that.

  3. how ru? Do they think you stil have adrenal tissue??

  4. I know in my heart the Depo started all of my symptoms. I was 100% healthy before I started Depo shots. I mean no health problems at all. None. Flash foward 12 years... * Hundreds of tests * Several doctors * Years of feeling sick, thousands of dollars spent, loss of so many things * Unsuccessful pit surgery * 10 months post BLA - AND STILL NOT BETTER. NOT AT ALL!!! It's so strange that this topic came about again today and here is why: I am currently testing for rest tissue or an ectopic source. I changed from hydro to dex for 3 days so we could see if I am making any cortisol on my own. Day one of dex I didn't feel any different. Day two of dex I started to get these awful, awful sharp pains in my right ovary area. They were so bad that I was doubled over in pain. The third day of dex was much worse with pains in the area. Day one back to hydro and no dex - pains gone. This is just my "own theory" but I can't help but wonder if I have an ectopic source on my ovaries. I've been saying since day one that depo caused my Cushing's. Is Depo still available or have they yanked it from the market? I'm really surprised there isn't some kind of class action law suit against the manufacturer (Pfizer).
  5. Testing for rest tissue Fri and Sat. Switched to Dex yesterday.

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      Thinking of you, I hope this will be resolved very soon.

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  6. The specialty flex is pretty
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