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  1. The Startling Truth About Doctors and Diagnostic Errors By Maggie Mahar and Niko Karvounis, Health Beat Posted on June 19, 2008, Printed on June 23, 2008 http://www.alternet.org/story/88515/ This article originally appeared on Health Beat. Despite all of the talk about medical errors and patient safety, almost no one likes to talk about diagnostic errors. Yet doctors misdiagnose patients more often than we would like to think. Sometimes they diagnose patients with illnesses they don't have. Other times, the true condition is missed. All in all, diagnostic errors account for 17 perce
  2. Not if it contains MSG and aspartame. Both of those have been proven to cause weight gain. Cherri
  3. FIVE YEARS! I was put on it waaay back then and my doctor told me the MAX anyone should take it was three months! It would only work for a short period of time anyway and after the weight loss it is up to the patient to keep it off without medication. It sounds like to me they were giving her phen-fen because she had Cushing's weight gain and when it didn't work they just kept her on it. What insanity! Cherri
  4. Stress increases cortisol, reduces brain size in children By David Liu - foodconsumer.org Mar 4, 2007 Children should not be stressed as a new study shows that stress a child experienced may cause shrinkage of a key part of the brain, affecting his or her memory and emotion. The study linked the shrinkage with high levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which was found high in those who experienced high levels of stress. Stanford University researchers tracked changes in the volume of the hippocampus - responsible for memory and emotional control - in traumatized children and fo
  5. Programmed For Obesity: Early Exposure To Common Chemicals Can Permanently Alter Metabolic System Science Daily ? Obesity is generally discussed in terms of caloric intake (how much a person eats) and energy output (how much a person exercises). However, according to a University of Missouri-Columbia scientist, environmental chemicals found in everyday plastics and pesticides also may influence obesity. Frederick vom Saal, professor of biological sciences in MU's College of Arts and Science, has found that when fetuses are exposed to these chemicals, the way their genes function may be alt
  6. Mmmm, Tasty Chemicals A new book 'deconstructs' a Twinkie and analyzes all 39 ingredients. Industrial-strength junk food, anyone? "At the heart of the book is the fundamental question: why is it you can bake a cake at home with as few as six ingredients, but Twinkies require 39? And why do many of them seem to bear so little resemblance to actual food? The answer: To stay fresh on a grocery-store shelf, Twinkies can't contain anything that might spoil, like milk, cream or butter. Once you remove such real ingredients, something has to take their place?and cellulose gum, lecithin and so
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