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    I love to read but that getting hard with the effects of my eyes. I am involved with my church. Doping things with my family
  1. Hi H3eide

    I was so surprise to see someone so near to me I actually used to live in Slidell I now live in denham Springs

  2. Well this sugery was somuch more trouble then I though it seems like i take one forward and ten steps back i kinda scareds of this new bacteria they founded in the wound for the research that I done today dosn't sound very good but i will contnue to do research that has to be some kinda of treatment that is helpful but on a lighter side of things we got brittany enrolled at the college and her classes started on july 24 Brooke went to texas with her best friend to visit her friend dad and step mom she is having a blast but she has never been away from me ever for that long so I am missing her
  3. Today is wednesday mornindg in the am as you can see sleep is still a issue and tonight pain is a issue kinda disappointment I had such a good day yesterday then today I had a awful day I have to talk to my homew health nurse about it tomorrow. I think i just getting stressed out with Brittany graduation is friday so we are all very excited I have missed everyone somuch it just been to painful to sit up so sometimes i come on to rad but really didn,t have the strength to write. this wound vac is certain not a painless treatment and to even tell you how much it hurts for them to change out the
  4. Hi it Monday night and I hope evryone had a good easter i have buster my stiches again and i have to go back to the doctor tomorrow Ken pretty sure he goinbgt to put me back in But I am facing a very severe depression and i don't want to go living like this pleasepray frome soi that I will get my fight back i have lost it and that scares me kandy my appoointment is at ten in the mornindg
  5. Kandy66


    Today has been a better day I did sleepin to two which is highly unlikely thought I have not been able tosleepat night so i sure that why my sleepsch is off Ken goes on nights next week so at least we be onthe samesleep sch I due to go back to the doctor on tuesday and the endoon monday so i hopetohave some answers from the the edo since he switch meback todealing with him and not his pa so he could follow my case more thoughtly hopeful i willhave llost some of myswelling not in face for sure i am so mopon face right now and hopefully I be able to go off my stress dosages I did have to start o
  6. :ph34r: Iam looking forward to being supportive tomy friemds I been having so many rebound headaches from the painmeds I not sure how common that is but i have to be careful i got the headaches when they gave me oxygen in the hospital I miss the girls so much that it hurts they have beeen so supportive me for me on the bad days it so hard to have so many highs and lows that i know it hard for anyone to put up with me and it hard i think one of the medication are making me itch so bad i know they said the dillutin that it was a side effect i know i am geting hives and the topic layer of ed
  7. Hi everyone it monday the tenth and i am finally able to sit at the pc and write this surgery has been very painful the second surgery was so much worst but i am sure it was becasuse my staples busted and my stmach was ripped apart i due to get the stitchesout this week but my healing is going so slowly that I am not sure they are healed and i stil having so much leakage from the iincision unless i lay flat that the only way it dosn't have the leake but the swelling does seem to be improvong Ken says it has really gone down lord knows I am not on the lasik as i know my body could not hand
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