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  1. Happy birthday, Diana - I miss you every day :(

  2. Lisa Thanks for posting this. I wasn't aware that there was any research into this area. I think we go for so loong post-op trying to get our meds stabalized and don't even think about "something that might work better"-we settle for "half-way decent" It is totally exciting to know that at least someone is thinking lol Diana
  3. Sorry I missed this, although my speakers don't work so I couldn't have listened anyway Just wanted to congratulate you ,Jayne, for the new baby and for your willingness to help others! Blessings to you and your family Diana
  4. Very interesting article. however, as many have alluded to, it may not kill you but it sure messes up a life One bright spot, I look younger at 51 than I did at 46 Diana
  5. This IS way cool!!! Thanks again, Mary, and I, too, am glad that the 2.00 will go to help with the boards since I've not yet won the lotto, found that special exceedingly wealthy man or found other sources of income to help otherwise (again, I just the wacko icon) Diana
  6. Canasa, I don't have any certain answers to your questions, but, I believe that with AI of any kind, you need steroid replacements, at least temporarily. Hopefully someone who knows what they are talking about will jump in soon I'm sorry you are still feeling crappy. I do know what that's like!! Shauna, Please tell Brian that I wish him luck at this appt and hope that it's nothing too serious Diana
  7. Rose, Thanks, I'll definitely have to check them out Diana
  8. Rose, I hae the same allergic? reaction to jewelry. the odd thing is, when I had cushing's I could wear watches, necklaces, rings, earrings. I guess the extra cortisol provided immunity for that allergic reaction.(definitely not worth it lol) Where did you get your bracelet? Thanks for posting this Diana
  9. Kristy, Thank you so much for all the time you spend to keep us educated. You are a very valuable member to all on these boards. Thanks again Diana
  10. Kristy, I'd like to have a copy of that article. If you wouldn't mind, could you mail one to me at 2968 Dunford Dr., Columbus, Oh 43221? My printer isn't working , but, if you prefer to e-mail it, that would be fine. Thanks diana
  11. As Arte Johnson used to say"Vettty intewesting" I wonder what population base they are recruiting their test participants from-Not that I'd be interested or anything! Diana
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