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  1. Wow, all that and not a mention of BLA~ I'm dissapointed. Thanks for sharing :-)
  2. Wow! That's a great new find Susan! Is there a link you can post?
  3. Very cool! Maybe somewhere down the line it will do someone some good.
  4. Glad I could help! We just got Alex's path report last week and I had been researching some for myself!
  5. http://www.medcyclopaedia.com/library/topi...ia_adrenal.aspx http://www.pathconsultddx.com/pathCon/diag...8675(06)70051-1 Try these, the second one says adrenals over 6gm are considered hyperplastic
  6. Aww Katie, I am sorry to hear this. It will be interesting to see your full path report. Didn't you have an acro diagnosis as well? Was the hyperplasis ACTH or GH hyperplasia? Alex's pathology was ACTH hyperplasia. Her surgeon was interested in figuring out the stimuli, but wants "someone else" to do the figuring. Dr. F doesn't seem to think there is much that can be done about it. Dont' blame yourself sweetie, if it makes you feel any better Alex started on this Cushing's ride as a toddler... she wasn't on any kind of meds and here we are anyway.
  7. Thanks Judy! I especially liked the part about 17OHCs being as predictive as UFC's. Alex could get the 17OHCs no problem, but never ever got a high UFC. Rene
  8. I just found an article about testing for cyclic and mild Cushing's that I hadn't run across before... but I'm to tech challenged to post it. Someone help? Dr. F and Dr. Z authored it. It's on the skullbaseinstitute.com web site under articles look for "the changing face of Cushing's..." Thanks in advance! Rene
  9. Thanks Robin, Alex's ferritin won't budge over 10 no matter how much iron we give her. Rene
  10. Gee, and maybe they could add "listen to the parents" who tell you there kid doesn't eat junk, doesn't watch TV and is mega active yet still gained 100+ pounds. Don't mind me I'm just a little bitter :-)
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