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  1. The only problem is finding a specialist willing to test to see if these proteins are indeed missing and to find a lab that knows how to do it. Sigh..... Cherri in AL
  2. Unfortunately I have been calling it that for years. I'll storm around the house yelling, "I hate this blankety-blank ugly blank disease" So I guess my title for it has a variation. Cherri in AL
  3. This is big news. It is showing up all over the place. I was exposed to Perchlorate for years and years because I lived just a couple of miles from a rocket fuel plant. The same plant where my husband worked for 16 years. The water in our area was tested several times and each time perchlorate was found in the water. I stopped drinking the water because it always tasted bad. But we still bathed in it and watered our gardens with it.... We lived in this part of the city our entire lives. My mom had thyroid cancer and so did her first cousin. My thyroid can be sluggish. My friends are
  4. Julia, It made me cry too. Because it all hit so close to home. BUT it is yet another "magic surgery" article. I am supposedly cured of Cushing's but I don't feel like her. My weight keeps going up and I feel worse and worse. I wonder when all of US are going to get that "magic?" Still, I am happy for her. Cherri in AL
  5. It's about time. I sent them several emails years ago telling them they needed to do a story about Cushing's. I hope I can find a copy of RD. I, as well as my Dad, stopped subscribing after years of being a long-time subscriber when they changed formats. I didn't like the fact that it became chock full of ads for pharmaceuticals. I started feeling like it went from "Reader's Digest" to "Big Pharma Digest." Plus I also noticed that the stories stopped being as heartwarming and compelling. I always looked forward to the animal stories and I started seeing less and less of them and more a
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