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  1. This is such wonderful news! Thank you all for your tireless work for all Cushies and our families everywhere! Many, many blessings!
  2. uhm, I have an idea for a shirt. Or the beginnings of an indea anyway... Why don't we take a clue from Amber, and create one with the Cush awareness ribon, like her Tattoo? I think something like that would be eye-catching, espeically with the location of the ribon and the proximity of the hump....
  3. I sent a short note to the paper and the author thanking them for the article.
  4. ROFLOL just like the old joke! You've got your very own black Lab tests there, Shelly! Now, if Ami's cats take an interest in you, you'll have a Cat scan goin' on too! I have no doubt that dogs, and critters in general, are aware of what's goin' on. That something is going on. I think it's a great experiment. If you have a dog, or other critter, test when they are paying more attention to you. I know that when I had my Astro, there were definately days where he would be more attentive to me than others. This has been the case with all the dogs I've ever had. Cats too.
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