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    I am a Teaching Assistant for kindergarden and 1st grade. Enjoy spending time with my husband and kids, reading, watching t.v. comedies, love warm weather and the beach!!! Finally dx'd and cleared for surgery by Dr. F.!!!

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  1. Wow Cyndie!!! That is sooo very cool! How unbelievable the coincidence of the dr and you being the patient! Well I haven't shared this with many people but about 3 hrs ago I saw a psychic/medium and she said that a dr. Was there urging me to continue on this testing journey. We do not have any dr.s living or deceased in our famies and all Drs we have had are still living. So Cyndie your relative came through to encourage me to get help. Lol
  2. NOVEMBER 27th Seriously??? You would *think* something would be available before then???!! That just makes me nuts!

  3. Hi Mar. I'm relating to how you are feeling. I feel like I am going to have to give up soon. It's very dissapointing and depressing.

    By the way, my birthday is April 16th, too!

  4. Just getting VERY nervous about the next 8 24 hr UFC results. I TRULY cannot continue doing this.

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    2. kellyrae110


      good luck on the results!!!

    3. mrsb91986


      Thank you girls. Don't know what I'd do without your support.

    4. sarie2011


      Hi! Did you get your results? I'm waiting for my 24 hr urine results and going to be taking the dex tests - hate the waiting! xx

  5. Hi Sal, it was me! Thank you SO much for that article. It was VERY interesting AND they also mention Cushing's. So we can't all be imagining this! I REALLY appreciate you posting that for me/us. Hugs, Mar
  6. THAT is a travesty! There is absolutely NO excuse for this kind of treatment! Unfortunately in a few years we most likely will be in the same boat with this Wonderful and "necessary" Healthcare reform bill. Does the Ins. industry need an over-haul? Absolutely, but this law was NOT the answer. Thank you for sharing this! Hugs, Mar
  7. Thank you for sharing Trish! Yes, Teresa, many dr.'s don't want to operate on someone like "US". I'm actually surprised though but VERY happy that there aren't more people on here dx'd with it. It is a life threatening problem. Like you Teresa, my DVT came out of the blue. It doesn't hurt to get tested. Hugs, Mar
  8. Colleen, what a great job you did! And what a service you've done for others who are out there and not getting answers! Good for you! Hugs, Mar
  9. Thanks Lori! Mary thanks for the reminder, but is it tonight or tomorrow night. I've got your email with the 14th on it. I don't want to screw this up. Thanks! Mar
  10. I did sign up for a voice chat. I'd like to do one, hopefully this summer, before the school year starts. I'll be away from 8/3-8/9. Mar
  11. Kate sweetie, I look forward to listening to your interview! Any dates on your upcoming surgeries & radiation? Ginormous hugs kiddo, Mar
  12. Robin, I hope that you are feeling better soon. Thanks for the article! Hugs, Mar
  13. Mary, what on-line form? I'll be out of school at the end of the month, so after that would be fine. If you are ok with me not being dx'd yet. Mar
  14. Mary, I wouldn't mind volunteering either, however, I feel kind of funny since I am not dx'd yet. Mar
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