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  1. Wow Cyndie!!! That is sooo very cool! How unbelievable the coincidence of the dr and you being the patient! Well I haven't shared this with many people but about 3 hrs ago I saw a psychic/medium and she said that a dr. Was there urging me to continue on this testing journey. We do not have any dr.s living or deceased in our famies and all Drs we have had are still living. So Cyndie your relative came through to encourage me to get help. Lol
  2. Just getting VERY nervous about the next 8 24 hr UFC results. I TRULY cannot continue doing this.

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    2. kellyrae110


      good luck on the results!!!

    3. mrsb91986


      Thank you girls. Don't know what I'd do without your support.

    4. sarie2011


      Hi! Did you get your results? I'm waiting for my 24 hr urine results and going to be taking the dex tests - hate the waiting! xx

  3. Hi Sal, it was me! Thank you SO much for that article. It was VERY interesting AND they also mention Cushing's. So we can't all be imagining this! I REALLY appreciate you posting that for me/us. Hugs, Mar
  4. THAT is a travesty! There is absolutely NO excuse for this kind of treatment! Unfortunately in a few years we most likely will be in the same boat with this Wonderful and "necessary" Healthcare reform bill. Does the Ins. industry need an over-haul? Absolutely, but this law was NOT the answer. Thank you for sharing this! Hugs, Mar
  5. Thank you for sharing Trish! Yes, Teresa, many dr.'s don't want to operate on someone like "US". I'm actually surprised though but VERY happy that there aren't more people on here dx'd with it. It is a life threatening problem. Like you Teresa, my DVT came out of the blue. It doesn't hurt to get tested. Hugs, Mar
  6. Colleen, what a great job you did! And what a service you've done for others who are out there and not getting answers! Good for you! Hugs, Mar
  7. Thanks Lori! Mary thanks for the reminder, but is it tonight or tomorrow night. I've got your email with the 14th on it. I don't want to screw this up. Thanks! Mar
  8. I did sign up for a voice chat. I'd like to do one, hopefully this summer, before the school year starts. I'll be away from 8/3-8/9. Mar
  9. Kate sweetie, I look forward to listening to your interview! Any dates on your upcoming surgeries & radiation? Ginormous hugs kiddo, Mar
  10. Robin, I hope that you are feeling better soon. Thanks for the article! Hugs, Mar
  11. Mary, what on-line form? I'll be out of school at the end of the month, so after that would be fine. If you are ok with me not being dx'd yet. Mar
  12. Mary, I wouldn't mind volunteering either, however, I feel kind of funny since I am not dx'd yet. Mar
  13. Awesome! I've never met him, only had a 2nd opinion on my mri, but I love him!!! Good luck kiddo! Thank God you are so well versed in all of this! I hope all goes well for you! Love, Mar
  14. Girlfriend, glad to know that that nightmare is OVER! And by the way, I'm almost 43 and do not look as good as you do! Just think about what is ahead for you. It's only going to get better!!! YAY for you!


  15. Oh my goodness! When I spoke with Dr. L, the 2nd time this week, he mentioned this VERY article. He had read it that morning! Thanks! Mar
  16. OOpS! Well actually ,we could put it on a bumper sticker too, right? That is if anyone else liked it as well.
  17. Here's one: Cushing's, it's the pit... (Front) Pituitary that is (then the website address-on back) Yeah I know, it's corny.
  18. I like the 1st two slogans: CUSHING'S. It's all in your head. / http://www.cushings-help.com Can't lose weight? Maybe it IS all in your head. / Learn about Cushing's at cushings-help.com I'll also try to come up with something. Mar
  19. Hi everyone! It is nice and sunny today, as opposed to the rain yesterday. Let's see, it's been interesting around here lately. My Aunt is still battling, whatever? She's finally off Antibiotics, and only on pain meds for her flank pain. The specialist (urologist)said she is completely clear of ANY kidney infection or obstruction. My aunt has only ONE kidney. She went into Albany Medical Center (a teaching hospital) yesterday a.m. THANK GOD! Maybe they'll finally find out what is wrong with her. AMC is the next best thing to NY or Boston hospitals. It's been 7 weeks since she became so ill. Yes, 7 WEEKS! Today it looks like they're checking for a 'cyst' on her adrenal gland. Hey, it's a start. I had my consultation with Dr. Ludlam on Wednesday night, the 18th. The gist of the conversation was, my past 4 tests were low, not diagnostic. After comparing results with symptoms experienced while testing, Dr. L said that it SEEMS as though I am testing at the right time, but I may be someone who's Cortisol is highest, when feeling the most nauseous, weak, etc. So that is our strategy. He's sending a Rx for 8 tests (24 UFC's, Cortisol & ACTH bloods, Salivettes). He said to test randomly, either every Sunday, or any two days a week, or every day. It is up to me. I mentioned to Dr. L that he had spoken in the past about a Growth Hormone Stim test, and he said that I am welcome to come out there (since I don't have any confidence in this local endo group) and while I was there, they'd run the other tests like when I went to Camp Cushie the 1st time. My husband and I are hashing that out. I just feel as though I am getting sicker and sicker. Since School has let out, almost 1 month ago, I've done almost nothing except my son's grad party, which took over a week to recover from and also went to Northeastern University for my son's and parent orientation. Walking around campus was not pretty. It was to the point that just holding a cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee was too difficult for me to do. Anyhow, I am going to try this strategy and after posting, I see that there are quite a few Cushies that do get high results while feeling like I do. Here's hoping! Anyone reading this, could you please say a prayer or two for my aunt, that these docs will find out what is wrong with her, BEFORE it's too late. Thanks a bunch! Hugs to all, Mar
  20. Hi everyone! It's a beautiful day here in Schodack NY! Sunny and not humid. Let's see...Our son graduated from HS on Saturday June 23. Unfortunately I had 'something', not sure if it was a stomach flu or just an EXTREME low. The afternoon of the ceremony I had a temp of 104*. Thank GOD, Nick was in the front, so I was able to see him walk across the stage. Our daughter then drove me home and they went out for dinner with my husbands mom, sister and boy friend as well as my parents. I cried the whole day. I felt as though I was such a wus and suckie mother. Who could do something like that to her son? Yes, I realize that if I wasn't sick, I mean VERY sick, I would have been there. At least I didn't screw up his party the following week. Thank God for sisters. If it wasn't for my sister the house would not have looked as good and not as much would have been done. Both our son and daughter ended up with very bad eye infections. Who knows where that came from. Both are doing alright. My son is still wearing glasses, his one eye is still blurry. We're seeing the Optometrist today. Our daughter (got it from our son) is doing much better, but her eye is still blurry too. My Godmother/Aunt was VERY sick, and being that she only has one kidney and they said it was triggered by a kidney infection. We were EXTREMELY worried. After 5 weeks she finally saw a Urologist who decided that the antibiotic that she was on would never get rid of the bacteria, because the bacteria was resistant to it. He changed it and as of yesterday, day 2, she was feeling the best she had in 5 weeks!!!! I wish that I could predict when I would have my good days. It's been three weeks since Summer vacation began and I haven't the strength or energy to do anything. This weekend, we're going to Northeastern University for student/parent orientation! This is my 1st time seeing the campus. My son seems to be psyched about moving in 8/30. This will be it for now!
  21. Hello everyone! I can't believe it's been so long. So much has happened. I figured I'd post today since I called in to work due to extreme weakness in my arms and legs. Yesterday I had a VERY difficult time just driving. It's raining and I am just vegging. OK here it goes. I saw Dr. Ludlam in Seattle the week following Easter. I had some highs out there but he wants more and higher. Dr. L. thought that although I am only 168 lbs ( I am 5'1"), my body is definitely not proportional. He said that I've got the hump, supraclavical fat pads, very large stomach, very thin arms and legs, and muscle weakness. Not to mention all my medical problems. He felt that Cyclical cushings is something to go after. I've tested since I've been back and although I had two, some-what high results, he wants me to be more specific about when I test. He also wants me at some point to go out and have the Human growth hormone stim test. But he said lets not make plans yet. Just keep testing.... As for family: My baby, Nick is graduating from high school at the end of the month. I can't believe it! Where did the time go? My sister had a very close call with cervical cancer, but her last procedure showed no more signs of cancer. Thank you Jesus!!! My daughter is back from college. For all of you college mom and dad's they are on a different time schedule than us...My brother and his wife from San Jose were just here looking at houses and they found one and bought it!!!!! YAY! We can't wait to have them back here! Well, I've got to go. Since summer vacation is almost upon us, yes, that is a benefit of working in a school, maybe I can be more dilligent in blogging.
  22. There are more pics of my hump and straie on the gallery/album at the following website. http://www.kodakgallery.com/BrowsePhotos.j...3734&page=1
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