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  1. ...oops.....ummmm, what about Cushie karaoke as a contingency plan?
  2. Keep persistent. Even if the ideas have been tried in the past, if you have the energy, try try again. We wouldn't have Cushing's Day if people gave up after trying so many times to get this past. What an achievement! Having this disease highlighted on the Oprah show would really help others. Someday, our opportunity will be realized. Maybe we should focus on a local show in Chicago where Oprah or one of the people on her staff will see it and be interested in contacting us.
  3. Wow, we still haven't established this date yet??? I'll send my reps and congress people a note again....very frustrating.
  4. Tylenol is great for most pain, but that arthritic pain you get with withdrawals, nothing but advil and aleve even came close... I'm sorry for all those who have chronic pain from arthritis....
  5. What's funded by the public ought to be made open to the public.
  6. Can the legislatures ban organically produced steroids as well? You know, the ones our own body produces... baaa.gif
  7. ...I wonder if any of them are showing any memory problems as well...
  8. Dr. Findling was there... ...boy, if I had to choose a conference to go to, I'd lean towards one in Italy too!!
  9. DebMV

    Ebay & igive

    When I click on ebay, it takes me to a shopping mall of stores. I want ebay, not online stores... I don't see how to download the shopping window either... Sue, can you come out to my house and help me????
  10. ooooh....I love that wrist watch one. I don't need to wear one anymore...but if ever I did... now...how are we going to remember where this post is???
  11. Me me me me me. I want some, pleeeeasssse.
  12. No, you can't get adrenal crisis while you have Cushings. ?Adrenal crisis happens to those who are Addisonian which is the opposite of Cushings and means your body has too little cortisol levels. ?Adrenal Crisis is something to be concerned about AFTER surgery when your body is adjusting to the lower levels of cortisol. Also, sleeping a lot can occur while Cushingoid. I never had it, but I've heard others talk about it....being tired all the time and napping...
  13. Hi and Welcome, Fin. My high testosterone level of 94 (normal I think is 20) is what got me referred off to an endo and ultimately my Cushing diagnosis. Hormones get all screwed up with Cushings. It'll take a while for everything to balance out after surgery. Patience and persistence...
  14. Hi and Welcome Gloria. Before you leave the hospital, the doctors will have tested you to see how much cortisol and ACTH is in your bloodstream. The closer to 0 your cortisol levels, the better your chances that the surgery was a success. However, because you don't hit zero doesn't mean your surgery wasn't a success. So, trust your doctor's intepretation of the test results. Please post as soon as you can post op.
  15. Hi Alisa- That's great you were even prescribed shots. ?Most of us are on replacement drugs and wear a medical alert bracelet that informs the medics what to do if we pass out from adrenal shock. If you haven't already, make sure you order one. ?Click on Adrenal crisis button at the bottom of any page and call the number to order it. Shauna carried around shots. ? I would suggest asking any major hospital where or if they can fill. Many of us took a long time before our systems kicked in and started producing cortisol on it's own. I finally got off meds 18 months post op.
  16. More research on this condition the better. Besides defining Cushings 1 and 2, what does PPAR- gamma mean? "Since we know that PPAR-gamma plays a role in the pituitary tumors that cause Cushing's syndrome, we may be able to treat the illness effectively with (the diabetes drugs)," he added. And will the drugs help only Cushing Disease (Pituitary) or will it also shrink the tumors on the adrenal, Cushings Syndrome?
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