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  1. I like the new Avatar pic, You look amazing!

  2. Went to the library and listened. So informative! You guys did a GREAT job! I usually go blank when talking to Dr. F so it was nice to hear all of these questions and his very insightfull responses.
  3. - How significant do you feel the 17OHS urine test is and why do you think its not being used much to help in diagnosis? - What kind of progress is being made on using hair samples to locate excess cortisol? How long before it can be used in the diagnosis process?
  4. Congrats on your dx! The very best wishes for a cure!

  5. Small world girl....wishing you and your mother the best!

  6. Since, I had my first (and last) Depo shot 5 yrs ago my arousal level has not been the same. I read an artical that noted said Viagra can have a great impact on women. Soo.......I had my doc give me a sample, thinking this is my golden ticket. I took it just waiting for the "right feeling". Well needless to say, my face turned six shades of red and I got a horrific migrane. Boy what an anti-turn on!!!
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