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  1. The article is informative. I didn't get the part where AI was like congestive heart failure, other than we both share the same type of quality of life. I didn't read that it was identical to heart disease. Maybe I missed something. I have chronic AI that is not easily controlled without very large doses of steroids, which cause other problems. Good and bad days...good and bad.
  2. Many people with Cushing's end up having to become a doctor, lab tech, medical researcher and lawyer to get a cure. It is a fact. Most people with Cushing's could swear to that fact. We accept it and find ways around road blocks to get to a point where someone will help us. This story is about a girl, aged 18, who out smarted her doctors to find herself a diagnosis. While it isn't about, Cushing's, it is about a problem many face within the realm of modern medicine... Read More...
  3. I was down to 25 for a month and half. Was in AI the whole time I think my doctor is telling me. She made me go back up to 30. I stress dose not to often. Something isn't right with my meds and whatever happened in my head isn't fixed either.
  4. I never had issues before high cortisol. Then came the really high levels and the "mental stuff". No one fixed it, no one fixed me and now I think it is to late to fix. 4 months should have been long enough if it was going away after the bla. They want to give me drugs to hide it, but no one wants to fix it. Same crap different day.
  5. The guy likes deleting comments on his youtube hehe
  6. To bad the video is wrong on how to diagnose Cushing's. To simplistic and relies on gold standards that are not right.We all know that dex does not work on a lot of people nor does urine always work. In the video, 24hr urines are gold standards of testing. It is nice to see Cushing's being covered. It is just frustrating to see the same diagnostic process being used when we know it doesn't always work. Nice find though =]
  7. The pitfalls of modern medicine and lab results? by Steven Owens on Jan.18, 2009 I see the question all the time, what are the normal reference ranges for XYZ lab tests. The easy answer is it depends on the lab you are using. So, how does a lab determine what is "normal". You probably would have to ask each lab because I am sure there is a method to the madness. A problem, at least maybe for doctors, is that health care consumers are becoming educated on their own health. Michael Kleerekoper, MD, MACE describes on this site that: It is amazing, having looked through my own
  8. thanks for leaving me a comment on my post and you have been through so much yourself i realy hope you are well soon i read your story tc to you and yours joxx

  9. Like the rest of the tests, they don't work all the time for everyone. Such a strange disease...
  10. Raff and Findling are making major headway with Cushing's. My endo most go and listen to them speak. I know she has been talking about them a lot the past few months. Raff signed off on my IPSS testing. My endo likes Findling because he believes totally in Cushing's like ours is...non-text book. Findling was a fall back just in case we didn't find a surgeon for my adrenal case. At least one of those others doesn't have such a good name when it comes to Cushing's. It is good to see there are more options available than just the West Coast on the horizon.
  11. Has anyone heard from jeand?

  12. I found this interesting. I found this after reading a letter from my doctor saying I had significant proximal muscle myopathy (fancy words for my muscles hurt =p ) click HERE to read the entire article Author: Steve S Lim, MD, Consulting Staff, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, St Clare's Hospital of Dover Steven S Lim is a member of the following medical societies: American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Coauthor(s): Patrick M Foye, MD, FAAPMR, FAAEM, Associate Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Co-Director of Musculoskele
  13. Im not sure you can bring anything new to the table on an appeal. What type of things did your initial claim bring up?
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