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  1. Hi Heather! How are you doing? I tried to call you a couple of times but the phone was busy. I dont have call waiting on mine either so I understand I will try again soon. Hugs!

  2. I can do it, although I would probably be best at just answering questions. I had surgery 2 years ago, but still trying to figure what is wrong with me now.
  3. Hope you get help soon. Hurry you diserve it!

  4. I called Dr. L yesterday and I should be able to get a phone consultation with him soon I hope. The woman who I talked with yesterday made me feel a lot better even. I hope that he will be able to do something for me.

  5. How is your search with doctors going?

  6. This really interested me in confirming me having childhood growth hormone deficiency. I know that I still could have cp, but the part, "one should evaluate patients with hypothalamic or pituitary disease or a history of cranial irradiation, as well as those with childhood-onset GHD are at obvious risk as adults for severe GHD." That could be me? I don't know.. it is just a thought. I just want to prove somehow that I may not have cerebral palsy since there is no real chemical test for the condition. If I walk a certain way I have an illness.
  7. very sweet.. caring young woman!!


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