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  1. I'm so glad your family and you advocated for yourself. Can you pm where you went in NJ for your scan? I know some people who had it done incorrectly here and I know they use different injections. Curious where you went. I'm post bla and still making cortisol on my own and I'd like to find my source.
  2. Thank you for doing this chat. I could tell by the area code of one callers that there is yet another Cushie in my area. So sad.
  3. Hi gumdrop, I tried to message you but it said you are unable to receive them. Hope to hear from you about docs in New York....

  4. Taking a dopamine agonist doesn't cure Cushings but it may help to some degree for some people. Doctors don't know what causes the low dopamine in the first place in Cushings the same way they don't know why in Parkinson's. Cabergoline has been shown to cause tumor growth (other kinds of tumors outside of the pituitary kind) and eventually uses up your dopamine reserve. I wish there was more research money for this disease.
  5. I didn't see Dr. Fahey. I see Dr F in Los Angeles.

  6. This is sofie, my message below got chopped off in the beginning..my question was..how was your experience with Dr. Fahey in NYC?

  7. I also live in the NYC area and have been endo shopping, well at least one who will keep testing me for cushings and to not dismiss my symptoms like all the others.

    Please let me know how you liked this doctor and if he was helpful with testing for cushings.

    Thanks so much,


  8. I've heard the replacement levels of dopamine agonists is low enough that it doesn't mess with the heart. I wonder if that is true. Either way, there is no way to win with this disease.
  9. If a person is cured/has a remission from Cushings and ALL hormones are balanced, then why don't many people see a return of their libido? Could it possibly be a neurotransmitter deficiency?
  10. I'd like to hear more about rest tissue and NP59. Is rest tissue in the adrenal bed typically cause by the surgeon not removing all of the gland or does it grow back? Anything about cortisol pumps?
  11. I am so grateful to have found this board and both of you,



  12. Hi Christy -

    I want to thank yo so very much for your time yesterday - lunch was lovely and I hope we can meet again soon.

    We all live so close that it makes getting together very easy - and I would love to share time together.

    I am so sorry that you and Jen have suffered through this disease, and I am so very glad you have each other & I am so grateful to h...

  13. My doctor told me Mifepristone was unsafe because eventually it blocks you from receiving cortisol when you really need it (e.g. you are in a car wreck). He said that even when people were given cortisol replacements, that the body was not able to receive it which could kill you.
  14. What a tragedy!! I thought socialized medicine in England paid for everything.
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