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  1. I was interested in reading about this, but can't get the pdf to download.
  2. Thanks---I've bookmarked it---I need to take it in little bites---lots of stuff there!
  3. Melissa B.---I've been reading up on porphyria---and other stuff too---but I think that somewhere, Porphyria was called the "royal" disease---due to lots of English royalty being afflicted with it. I have the same thoughts about Henry VIII being a cushie---he could have already been pre-disposed to the disease---and a head injury could have thrown things totally out of whack. I may be imagining things---but it seems like the documentary I saw on Henry VIII stated that he was a very nice fellow when he was younger---but turned into a royal tyrant later on. Of course being under ton
  4. I personally think that way too many people who are in jail or prison, are there due to health problems---that no one has ever picked up on. I'm not excusing the behavior---just saying that I think it's super important to have some serious screening for health problems.
  5. Link: http://www.independent.org/pdf/tir/tir_08_2_whalen.pdf.
  6. I met a guy who was working on a local tv ad, and he had shoes with springs on them---very similar to what the dad is wearing. I wondered if they were therapeutic shoes---the guy said no---just comfortable. I looked to see if I could find the manufacturer---couldn't find that exact one---but there are others: http://z-coil-miami.com/catalog1.htm I kept thinking that if I tried walking in them, I'd end up the same way I do when I wear heels---tottering around and worried about falling down. After reading this: http://z-coil-miami.com/Testimonials.htm I wonder if this gal (from C
  7. I remember seeing Tanya on the Today show (I think)---another guest was the founder (I think) of the Pituitary Network. He mentioned that often times patient's like Tanya are told there is nothing that can be done---but there are doctors/specialists out there who may be able to help. It's sad when something so obvious is going on---and people still treat you like you're a freak. Ugh. It just goes to show how ignorant we all can be.
  8. Thanks for sharing this---I've been told that "drug store" brands are pretty good about maintaining good quality control---but I still wonder about things--- especially after the dog food/cat food melanin fiasco. A factory or plant might have good quality control---but they're taking the word of their suppliers, that they're being just as careful. Garbage in, garbage out. Don't know if anyone saw a recent Rachel Ray---she had Dr. G. Medical Examiner from Florida on---talking about how to be safe---shared a story about how a major pharmacy blunder caused the death of a young boy w
  9. My roid rages come and go---and they are nearly impossible for me to control---it's not a matter of choice---it's more like I'm in the fight of my life. I'm the same way---I'm usually very calm and don't get rattled---but talking to my pcp today, I told him that when I get bad, I'm a total, 100%, certified jerk. And I hate it. Check out your bp and your blood sugar when it happens---my bp and my blood sugar seem to be high when I'm raging. BP at doctor's office was high---they didn't say how high, but the machine took about four minutes to get a reading---and the cuff got so
  10. I keep refusing the drugs to "hide" things. I want to figure out what the heck is going on! Taking anti-depressants is like lying to my brain and my body.
  11. Thanks for setting me straight Monica. I have been looking at some other stuff about BPD---and I swear, I must be oozing cortisol right now---I'm so frigging mad!!! I was just complaining to our bishop from church who came by earlier this evening. His son just completed his first year of medical school, and we were talking about how he wished his son was here so he could look at the labs and reports that I have that cover the last 10 years. I've got what looks like hypokalemia, low DHEA-S's, polyuria, nocturia, polydipsia, etc., and more and more and more!!! It matches almost perfectly
  12. They didn't mention that these folks tended to be fat. Oh, I forgot. That's 'cause we're lazy and we eat too much. I don't know if it's the cortisol talking, but I find this all offensive. Personality??? Oh wait, now I remember---'cause I've seen the notes talk about suspected borderline personality disorder. What kind of borderline and non-border line personality disorder do doctors, lawyers, politicians, etc., have when they make misdx's, when they drink too much, lie, cheat and steal??? Oh, yeah, they have a DISEASE---not a personality disorder. I don't think it's the co
  13. Somehow it finally started... Great Job! Thanks!!!
  14. I don't know about anyone else---but I'm having trouble getting things to load up...
  15. What is the relationship between thyroid and cortisol? Why does diabetes get all the attention? Do you believe there is a chance that the ubiquitous artificial light we are exposed to causes some disruption of the pineal, pituitary or other glands? Do fictional shows like "House" and documentary shows like the one that featured you, "The Science of Obesity", help develop interest in endocrine research? How can we help further endocrine research? Why are so many doctors (other than you) so dismissive of patients symptoms? What can we do to help our doctors figure
  16. I'm 2 for 2 with Mystery Diagnosis. First the show on Cushings. Next up--- the show on Hypopituitarism. I'm waiting for the show on Growth Hormone Deficiency next. PS: I'm not counting the show where a woman spent something like 3 years, numerous doctors and thousands and thousands of dollars only to find out in the end that her thyroid was low.
  17. Forget about bonging the parents in the head----we need to bong the doctors in the heads---they're the ones who're really screwing us over. Let them try and live with a pit. that's on the fritz!
  18. I woke up in time to watch it. It's surprising to me that so many doctors STILL missed it, when her symptoms were so dramatic! A couple of things I wasn't too keen on: 1) They never mentioned that this can be caused by other things. 2) Apparently, two pills "cure" this condition. At the end of the second case, I turned to my husband and said: "Those have been mentioned on the message boards too." As they shared the second gal's story, I kept telling my husband that it was interesting that all of this started around the time this girl started experiencing her first pe
  19. I can't wait to see this show!!! Shar McGraw's story on Mystery Diagnosis was the breakthrough for me. I've been dx'd with hypopituitarism---but I'm also testing for cyclical Cushings. Thanks for posting this for us! Mystery Diagnosis and this website, and all of you---have been my life-savers!!!
  20. Very interesting...I have had a couple of EKG's and one Echocardiogram in the last couple of years due to things doctors have noticed. One of the first symptoms of my thyroid/adrenal/pituitary problems was exercise intolerance---I would be ok one day/hour/minute----and near death the next. After seeing my second frowny heart on the exercise machine at the health club, I went to the doctor. He didn't see anything at the time---but apparently things are becoming more and more apparent as I go along. Thank goodness for GH!
  21. Media Moguls, MaryO and StaticNrg go where Oprah fears to tread... Way to GO!!! Way to GO!!! Way to Go Dr. Rob!!!
  22. Just chiming in here---I happened to see Mystery Diagnosis (Sharm's story) and realized that I may be suffering from Cushings. Later on, I saw Sam's story---and I realized that Cushings is not only not so rare---but that it could hit at any age. Thank goodness to all involved for sharing their experiences---and helping raise awareness and hope---for the rest of us.
  23. Thanks for sharing this Robin and Mertie...there are some things in this article that I don't really want to think too much about---I wonder if e-harmony or someone like that may incorporate some of these findings in their "compatibility" profile. I remember reading a book a long time ago when I was a kid---it was called something like "stress without destress". The whole premise of the book---is that STRESS is NATURAL---but it's the DIS-that we put into it that makes things hard for us. Of course this was a "self-help" book from the late 60's or early 70's---and some folks think
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