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  1. I will never forget three years ago when we first got a diagnosis. We were at a store and M was telling the clerk "we finally have a diagnosis of cushings disease." The lady behind him turned white as a ghost! And then she went off and said that her husband had had it and finally committed suicide. Then, "you need to do that too because you will just get tumors over and over again and cause your family tons of misery!" I wanted to say, "sounds more like you off'ed him" but I didn't. We were discussing this the other day and don't get me wrong, suicide will never be an option for m, BUT I found myself thinking although I was optimistic about our outcome and pooh-pooing her at the time, this is a woman who truly understood the journey and the grief. I don't think she should have said what she did, but gotta give her credit for knowing the road. As far as the toll on EVERYONE, including the victim of cushings. This study, sadly, does not surprise me. I am sure many of them were undiagnosed. jules
  2. Mari Did you send a letter or their form? No matter what we have written for our requests, they always require their own form filled out. So might be as simple as that. I'm in agreement with Gracie. Call next and see if they are ready. If not, ask about the process and insure that all your ducks are in a row. Then, and only then, look into the compliance issue. jules
  3. I will add my own. Way to go, Jules! :)

  4. Does anyone know if your sig still counts on the petition if you don't make a donation to ipetitions afterwards? jules
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