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  1. I am a very late entry. Shortly after my 5th anniversary post surgery 2005, in the 6th year, I knew something was "different". That old sense of dread returned. At the 6th anniversary checkup, I popped a "high" on urine cortisol. But it was a one time thing, not repeated in a "sequential lab". Over the next two years, my blood sugar went haywire, not controlled by higher and higher doses of metformin. My weight began creeping up from 150# to just over 180# when the blood labs confirmed in the 8th year, "the monster" was back, with a new head. I was referred to UVA, Dr. Mary V. and her teammat
  2. To all my Cushie sisters (and brothers!), "Peace Be With You", as we say in our church tradition. Whether you believe or not, there is a "Higher Power" who can support us when we are down. How many lonely nights before the internet, "social networks" and forum boards, did so many of us suffer alone? In agony and torment we cried out in the night (and day - beating fists on steering wheel), saying "Why ME, Lord, Why ME?" Still some inner strength kept us going, when all seemed lost to us. Some measure of reason kept telling us, this trouble was real, not imagined nor of our making. Keep the dia
  3. I love watching my puppy play in the snow.

  4. Pardon my ignorance, when I saw Loperamide, I automatically thought about my IMMODIUM "rescue tablet (for diarrhea)". When I looked at the generic packaging, it says "loperamide hydrochloride". Is this related in any way? I have used it numerous times during prolonged gastric distress, but don't want to be using the wrong medicine if it is adverse affecting.
  5. I had to call the endo's office to get the lab report review from the last UFC test returned after Thanksgiving. Thankfully, on review, the results were within "normal range". It may be that stress from most recent job change caused some elevation in the prior 24hr UFC from October. So next semi annual visit is scheduled for April 2011. We have enjoyed our first snowfall of the winter, and I am ready for it to be gone! I did get some cute pictures of my Pepper playing in it.
  6. Sept 30, 2010 was the 5th anniversary of my life after Cushing's Tumor, or so I thought. During my fall maintenance appointment with endocrinologist, the routine lab tests turned up an elevated cortisol level. I had to do another collection and turned it in earlier this week. Results are pending. For quite some time, my average weight was holding between 150-154 pounds, but since this fall, has been creeping up again, now hovering around 158-160. This takes me back to 2002, when the creep up began pre-surgery. I am on METFORMIN for A1c control, and had hoped that taking it more regularly
  7. I am back on METFORMIN again, after about 2 years without. My initial period did not go so well, as the endo had me start out at a FULL dose of 2 tabs a day, rather than reintroduce gradually. I never took that much before. After I got ill 3 days into the 2 tab a day dose, I stopped, got better, and then tried the more gradual approach, with only 1/2 tab for several days. After a few weeks, I am up to 2 tabs a day. Funny thing, now my fasting blood sugar is running higher than before, but I am slowly loosing weight again, which I like.
  8. Lab reports from my last follow-up visit for CUSHING's indicate that my blood sugar has continued to "creep up" since 08-25-06, when it reached the lowest point of 5.6 for A1c. Since then my 6 month maintenance visits show that I held around 5.9 to 6.0 for a couple of years, then I was back up to 6.3 with my last visit in September. I was prescribed METFORMIN again, starting out with a whopping 2 pills a day, 1 AM and 1 PM. I quickly felt bad at this level, and within a few days, believe I was heading toward LACTIC ACIDOSIS, from the contraindications listed and a familiarity with the symp
  9. Spring in the Carolinas... Flowers blooming, sun shining, pollen on the breeze.... Many days I hope I am really past all the Cushings issues, when I wonder if some new ailment may or may not be related. Add the Scoliosis to that, and it is no wonder I hurt most of the time from something. Then... I am no spring chicken either. Stuff just falls apart when you are older. Recovery is slower, if at all. I take my pleasures in the simple things. A good night's sleep, a blushing rose on the stem, my periennials making their appearance fresh this year. A cool breeze on a comfortably warm da
  10. Christmas in the Carolinas, complete with a trip to the Blue Ridge mountains. Of course we had to stop and visit husband's favorite fishing hole along the way. It was a bit too cold to stay for long. Cushings? 3 years + post surgery, I am still on "hormone therapy" for my monthly cycle, and in early February I have a round of doctor appointments scheduled for annual and semi-annual visits. My sugar level seems to be under better control, with my latest problem - chronic proctitis, under some control. One thing leads to another, to another, with Cushings.
  11. I have received copies of my latest lab results, and in my unexpert opinion, they look pretty good. My endocrinologist seemed to be satisfied with the findings as well. Vitamin D 25-OH Total 61 ng/mL (20-100 ref range) I have been taking 50K unit supplements weekly since last April. My February reading was < 7. Glucose 100 (70-99 ref range) Hgb A1c 5.9 (4.4-6.4) Urine creatinine 141 Urine Microalb <3.0 (0.0-23.0) Urine Cortisol 16.6 (4.0-50.0)
  12. A recent Cushings Board post, I kind of like the analogy, so I am sharing here: The problem lies "in the nature of the beast". I love the Michigan Frog analogy I read yesterday, where the frog performs when no one is LOOKING. In my 16 years from initial symptom, it was rarely the same symptom twice. Even when there were multiple symptoms, you couldn't tell when they would be consistantly active. Our little beast, will lie dormant for a long while, then awake & growl, take a turn out of it's lair, then come back in and lie down for another nap. This is when we have the "occasional"
  13. Surgery was 09-30-05. The following are copied from messages sent to family and friends at the time, providing updates on my post surgery condition: October 3rd Flip was in good spirits today and enjoyed the visitors. She got an IV of antibiotics that the doctor ordered. Funny thing is after her dinner tonight she began to run a fever, although a mild one of 100.5. Needless to say ANY fever concerns me so please continue to pray for her. I do not see her coming home until at least Wednesday.. Definitely not until the fever breaks. October 5, 2005 Surgery went very well accordi
  14. I realized after reading through the old blogs, I never finished the Surgery Story. I went home after an overnight stay for the bleed one week post-surgery. I was so afraid to leave. With my oxygen content low due to extreme loss of blood, I was rather fragile. My blood pressure was still borderline low, even with all the saline they have put in me. But send me home they did? At home I did VERY little for the next few days. I chose not to continue the blood pressure medication, because it was so low, even taking readings at home with my newly purchased BP cuff. Jon (young
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