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    In a "past life" I was an aerospace systems engineer (my friends teasingly call me the rocket scientist - but that makes me sound much brighter than I really am). I "retired" a dozen years ago and became a SAHM to my two sons and also a professional volunteer. My last volunteer work was as President/Chair of a 1300-member organization in Japan.
    When my youngest was in high school, I got interested in court mediation, and I became certified as a mediator in 2005.

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  1. I have a friend who retired from Pfizer. He has just been named one of Pfizer's Ambassadors -- he travels to medical conferences all over the country. I will write him a note and send him these links. He's followed my Cushing's journey pretty closely so I think he will take a personal interest in this!
  2. Get well soon lots of love and healing hugs xo

  3. Doesn't Susan seem like the best lady ever! I wish I lived close enough to her to be her "in person" Cushie BFF!

  4. Steve, Don't be so hard on yourself. Four months is **nothing** compared to the years your body has been dealing with this trauma. I do think it will get better. OTOH, if you are not taking an anti-depressant you might consider it. Your body might need the extra *oomph* from the meds to help build up your reserve -- it doesn't have to be a long-term solution.
  5. The way I read this, 30 out of the 57 had prolonged remissions. Interesting article, Mary!
  6. This is precisely why it is soooo important to have a well-trained surgeon if you are contemplating a BLA, I think. For one, to make sure no adrenal rest tissue is present, and two, because I think pheos lurk more than we think they do!
  7. I wish I had the patience to really read these articles thoroughly and in-depth. Most of the time, though, my eyes just glaze over! This did jump out at me: Thanks for the link, Robin!
  8. Wait til the ACLU sinks their teeth into this one!
  9. That's really exciting news, Cindy! I'm sorry that you have to be a zebra -- but you might as well be a famous one. My respect for Dr. McC grows with each passing day and interaction that he has with us!
  10. Thanks for all of the support(0: I think I have been putting off going to get midnights set up at a hospital beacuase of axiety that they won't work with me. Thanks for all the help(0:

  11. I love the graphics. Great work! I had to smile when I saw this because it immediately made me think of my son. He is a San Diego Chargers fan, and the team colors are the same as the Cushings colors. For his 21st birthday last week I ordered personalized M&Ms in yellow and blue, with "Kevin is 21 today" written on them. Maybe we should order Cushings M&Ms!
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