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  1. I have a friend who retired from Pfizer. He has just been named one of Pfizer's Ambassadors -- he travels to medical conferences all over the country. I will write him a note and send him these links. He's followed my Cushing's journey pretty closely so I think he will take a personal interest in this!
  2. Steve, Don't be so hard on yourself. Four months is **nothing** compared to the years your body has been dealing with this trauma. I do think it will get better. OTOH, if you are not taking an anti-depressant you might consider it. Your body might need the extra *oomph* from the meds to help build up your reserve -- it doesn't have to be a long-term solution.
  3. The way I read this, 30 out of the 57 had prolonged remissions. Interesting article, Mary!
  4. This is precisely why it is soooo important to have a well-trained surgeon if you are contemplating a BLA, I think. For one, to make sure no adrenal rest tissue is present, and two, because I think pheos lurk more than we think they do!
  5. I wish I had the patience to really read these articles thoroughly and in-depth. Most of the time, though, my eyes just glaze over! This did jump out at me: Thanks for the link, Robin!
  6. Wait til the ACLU sinks their teeth into this one!
  7. That's really exciting news, Cindy! I'm sorry that you have to be a zebra -- but you might as well be a famous one. My respect for Dr. McC grows with each passing day and interaction that he has with us!
  8. I love the graphics. Great work! I had to smile when I saw this because it immediately made me think of my son. He is a San Diego Chargers fan, and the team colors are the same as the Cushings colors. For his 21st birthday last week I ordered personalized M&Ms in yellow and blue, with "Kevin is 21 today" written on them. Maybe we should order Cushings M&Ms!
  9. Thanks for doing so much to increase awareness, Jayne! Did you get a good response; people asking questions, etc.?
  10. Dr. F. is studying the link between elevated CRP and Cushings. Many of us have had elevated levels. Thanks for the article.
  11. Cindy, I asked that very same question. Here is a thread where we talked about it: Normal? MRIs
  12. AAARGH is right! If you consider how many of us suppressed on dex tests and were still proven to have Cushings you can see the fallacies in this study! I just went to my PCP today and we were talking about my "unremarkable" MRI and other things. He said "this is why we really should not depend on any particular test or imaging study -- we need to use our clinical experience, instinct and observation skills as adjuncts. After all, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck it's probably not a cat!" I could have kissed him.
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