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  1. My sister told me she found out she has breast cancer a few days ago, and I was the first phone call she made. I was devastated. She is my big sissy. She also has a pituitary tumor, rare yes I know. Hers thank God was only prolactin, and is treated with a weekly pill. I live in California and she lives in Texas, and I flew to see her in May and while I was there she had a mamogram that came out clear, so her cancer is very early. She says that is a good thing. I have only had bad experiences when the word cancer is involved. My Aunt Carleen died 2 years ago Jan 12th, of stomach cancer, they to
  2. I wish I would have made this blog before my surgery so that I could have tracked progress. Well it has been 4 weeks and 3 days since my surgery. I can't believe how fast it has went by! I remember right after my surgery I felt like it was never going to get better, and it felt like it was going by so slow. My nose was the worst, my surgeon also fixed my deviated septum "while he was in there" LOL and they packed my nose soooo much right after and then when I got home it was horrible At the advice from the angels on these boards I used the breathe right strips, and that made it a little easie
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