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  1. still alive, somewhat. Just emerging again from bad bad time. Keto made me alive again. Will be off line for some time soon, going to emigrate next week to Bonaire (next to Curacao and Aruba)

    My house has no internet yet, actually it has no furniture or even a spoon in it LOL

    Will get back once I can be on line.

    But then on line on paradise island:)

    hugs to you Jo.

  2. meant, madam, you are still looking cushie.

    Ah well..I am eating my keto, on own initiative, untill I have no more. That's it. They denied my second tumor, because 'they"did not see it on their lame tesla 1.

  3. to Dave and others who may wonder:

    Hello my pirate,

    have been away, hiding in social anxiety and depression land.

    Since testing me one again for cushings, they took my keto away and I went back into the cave of the wounded cushie.

    Nothing happened yet, messed up tests, yet the results are believed and please madam, come back in a year or so, because you still loo...

  4. Yes same as immodium. It was the same immodium that sent me on a search, because my husband needed it in India and went sleeping all day and night, so I wondered if it lowered cortisol. So I googled and found the above results. so yes, it must interfere with testing then big time.
  5. I had the same thoughts as you.. now I wonder, if GFR is still low after cushing's is gone, how do they handle that? edit..oooooh, last time my endo who does the GFR research in cushing's..gave me amlodipine, ohhh, seems to make the GFR better or at least stop it from going down more.
  6. Found other article, more info on the GFR and cushing's testing: Because plasma free cortisol is filtered through the glomeruli with partial tubular reabsorption, the amount of free cortisol appearing in the urine is theoretically dependent on the glomerular filtration rate. However, the high reliability of using 24-h urinary cortisol excretion for the diagnosis of Cushing syndrome implies that urinary excretion of cortisol is relatively unaffected by renal function. In patients with confirmed Cushing disease and severe renal impairment, the urinary free cortisol excretion rate reportedly is normal despite markedly increased plasma cortisol (4)(5)(6). The relationship between glomerular filtration rate and urinary cortisol excretion has not been documented in patients with different degrees of renal impairment. http://www.clinchem.org/cgi/content/full/50/4/757
  7. yes slight decrease in GFR which normally gets better once hypothyroid is adressed.
  8. googled this and it seems you are on the target! URINARY EXCRETION OF FREE CORTISOL IN IMPAIRED RENAL FUNCTION P. Sederberg-Olsen, C. Binder and H. Kehlet Total cortisol and free, non protein-bound cortisol in plasma and urinary excretion of unconjugated free cortisol were measured during iv infusion of cortisol at varying dose rates in eight patients with impaired renal function. The results showed that free urinary cortisol decreased with decreased glomerular filtration rate (GFR), also compared to free cortisol level in plasma. An increase in free cortisol in plasma had no influence on GFR. It is concluded that determination of free urinary cortisol, otherwise useful in diagnosing Cushing's syndrome, may be of less value in patients with impaired renal function. http://www.eje-online.org/cgi/content/abstract/78/1/86
  9. Yes, seems GFR is typical low in cushing's. There is more abstracts stating it. Glad the info is helpful.
  10. Effects of loperamide on the human hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal axis in vivo and in vitro CJ Auernhammer, GK Stalla, M Lange, A Pfeiffer and OA Muller Department of Medicine, University of Munich, Germany. Loperamide, an opiate agonist of high specificity for mu-receptors, was recently reported to suppress ACTH and cortisol levels in normal subjects, but not in patients with proven ACTH-dependent Cushing's diseasehttp://jcem.endojournals.org/cgi/content/abstract/75/2/552 and this one (Ok, my new endo prof is in this abstract too) Patients with Cushing?s disease have a decreased GFR (glomular filtration rate in kidneys). Even if they are cured, close follow-up with strict control of cardiovascular risk factors and monitoring of GFR seems mandatory. Furthermore, the dosage of certain drugs should be adapted to the individual GFR. http://www.eje-online.org/cgi/content/abstract/153/6/819
  11. it I was physically fit, I would not go to a doc.
  12. I have no fibro but do have cushing's, so the theory does not work for me.
  13. mandy cant do pm, your inbox is filled!

  14. your url for your blogspot is wrong, there is a , instead of the dot

  15. your inbox is filled, awwww, can't write to you pirate.

  16. my.... hypofysectomy?? Drastic removal of a pit tumor.
  17. I can't, because I keep losing my voice lately again and have only one vocal coard working. Maybe in the future, hope so.
  18. I wonder what they consider high output though, I see the volume ranges vary in labs here. How did they treat your dog? I know poly uria can happen, but most info says that is from low aldosterone in this case. Heee red ear friend:) see..I have the same and I got cushings proven, so I hope it gives you hope. Does your neck get red too? What you wrote elsewhere on the anti depressants, well I got worse on them actually. I did way better on a benzodiazepine (tranquelizer) but the thing is, it can lower cortisol and that is a problem when testing. I am high cortisollic today, even on keto, but still on a rather low dose, I allready peed 20 times. I need to find a better hobby.
  19. The dutch wikipedia about cushing's mentions the cortisol being up it lowers adh (or vasopressin if you want to call it that way) and thus makes us pee and drink a lot. Now I wonder, if cyclic, it would mean we pee more in a high? Like as in more and higher volume? They did test my vasopressin once only, it was lownormal. (hate that word, but it was scratching bottom). I did notice the week before menses I pee more, I drink more, wake up thirsty in the middle of the night, have dry cracking lips, am flushed, have all the high cycle symptoms in overdrive. Heee I did discover my funniest high symptom, one ear goes red! haha, how stupid is that? Now the dutch wikipedia mentions something rather untrue to my opinion, it says you only gain some kilo's and it looks like a lot only because of where it is piling up.
  20. oops I actually forgot all about there is a chatbox, never read it.
  21. heleu from the netherlands:)

    thank you for adding me to your friendlist.

    and first to fill up your empty comment space:)

  22. wow, I have explorer, no warning, I do have a phishing filter. Maybe it is the direct chat on the website which pops up, no idea actually. here I will paste the pricelist: Indicative Costs of Spinal Surgery Packages Endoscopic Discectomy 8500 USD Disk replacement Surgery 13500 USD Spinal decompression 9500 USD Spinal fusion with Instrumentation 13500 USD Microlumbar Discectomy 8500 USD Endoscopic Trans Nasal Brain/Spine Tumor Surgery 9000 USD Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson' Disease 26500 USD I think it is expensive for Indian wages though.
  23. I saw the price over there is interesting. http://www.wockhardthospitals.net/brain_spine.asp
  24. ROFL hee Dave, does this guy get payed for telling this? I did see all the athletes being verry big from training, the jockeys are the worst, little fat bastards. I once saw a cardiologist meeting in the carrabean, they were all drinking whiskey and cognac and smoked and ate piles of food. Then they go back to the office and piss us off.
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