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  1. Missing you today...and always, Kate :(

  2. Kate, New Jersey Pit Surgery #1 - Jan. 2007 (Failed) Pit Surgery #2 - July 2007 (Total Pit Removal; Failed) CSF Leak Surgeries - Oct. 2007 (Failed; still have small leak) Open BLA with 18" incision - Sept. 11, 2008 Gamma Knife Radiosurgery - Oct. 2009 No pit, no adrenals, radiation damage to hypothalamus (cannot regulate body temp.)
  3. Very helpful, Mark! Thank you, and Welcome! Kate
  4. Just giving a shout out from south Jersey! I am having my BLA at HUP in three weeks -- very glad to see that your surgery was a sucess. Thanks for getting the word out in the Philly area! Hugs, Kate p.s. I did an interview for National Geographic, which is on YouTube under "Cushing's"
  5. Hi Mary, I would just like to add that I am gearing up for a BLA and radiation right after that as my tumor has been confirmed in the cavernous sinus now. I am looking forward to the interview, and hope that it will be helpful to everyone. Hugs, Kate
  6. Mary, I'm looking forward to it. I think it will be neat that my mom will be here, too. I hope talking about Cushing's issues will help others. Looking forward to calling in on the 17th.... Love, Kate
  7. Mary, sign me up for July 17. My mom will also be here and maybe can answer some questions about what it's like to support someone through the diagnostic and treatment process. Just someone let me know where to call and how this all works...I'm a newbie to the radio stuff! Hugs, Kate
  8. Maybe some folks will visit the blog and read about Cushing's from our comments!! Great job, Robin, for alerting us to these links! Love, Kate
  9. Happy Birthday Kate!!!!!! :)

  10. Third times the charm. Hope things move along fast. Hope you are getting some kind of pain relief.

  11. Katie Kate! How are you, girlfriend? In Dr. F's paper, which will be submitted next month, he mentions that only 1/3 of people with proven Cushing's pass that test. I think the release of this paper is going to be a MAJOR TURNING POINT -- WOO HOO!!!! The diagnostic protocol for people with suspected mild or episodic Cushing's is going to be veddy veddy different than the Old School of Thought. And Dr. Vance may put some weight on the study once it's published. Or one can hope. I think we're going to be seeing history in the making, my friends!!!
  12. Okay, I want to backtrack and in honor of Amber and the other florid cases, hats off to Dr. Vance for helping Cushing's patients who are florid. Robin, didn't Dr. Vance write an abstract or article about episodic hypercortisolism? How can she do that and in another breath decry the existence of cyclical Cushing's? Dr. F, with Dr. McC as a co-author, will be publishing a paper on cyclical Cushing's soon. Dr. McC calls it "important and significant" and says that Dr. F is right on the money with his approach, theories and diagnoses. He hopes the paper will go a long way to changing the old-school thoughts on cyclical Cushing's. Hugs, Kate
  13. I have a mind to send her my measly 8 high tests (including 4 high 17-OHCs), my "strongly-worded positive pathology" report (as described by Dr. L) and the photo from last December's Cushie get-together along with the "glamour shot" taken 3 months post op....and tell her to KISS MY GRITS!!!! p.s. Although an endocrinologist suspected Cushing's in me first, I certainly did wind up "researching" on the internet....and, yes, I was an obese, depressed and hypertensive woman who was "convinced" I had Cushing's. Guess what? I WAS RIGHT!!!!!
  14. Gracie, Thanks for posting this article. I've been following this Maryland case for a while and had not known that the jury was back on it. I am really disappointed in the verdict -- this woman clearly suffered physical and economic damages. But, as I was told when considering suing my repro endo for failing to test for Cushing's for seven years and for misdiagnosing me with PCO, proving that the standard of medical care has been breached is a difficult thing to do. Being a D- doctor doesn't do it, or so I'm told. You have to be an outright F to win. I also found the settlement discussions around $200K to be typical of a med mal settlement offer -- it's about what the defendant's insurance company would have to pay to litigate the case. Too sad....
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