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  1. Today I could not get out of bed. I felt bad because my wonderful husband ran all my errands. I just couldnt get up and showered. My legs have been crampy all day I have been really swollen again. I dont know how much more I can take. When I went out for medicataion today I had to pull the car over twice because my eyes were having muscle spasims first it was just the left eye then both eyes. I had to stop and hold my face for a while. The sweating is getting bad too I feel so embarrased when I go places cause here comes this huge woman that is sweating all over the place. I feel really hot bu
  2. Ok so my doctor wanted me to keep track of my day to day progress. So I thought I would start with how I felt last night. I was having some really bad leg cramps and a fever, I am not quite sure if it is from the lower dose of steriods, but I started my period last night and I always get pain in my legs and calfs when I menstrate. I was really happy it was on time this month since I had my baby I have been pretty regular I was a week late last month but I cycled 28 days later with last night being the first night. So this is a good sign that my menses are normalizing. I havent done m
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